Dec 29, 2015

Last saltwater shipment of the year!


New Fish Shipment

New saltwater shipment to end the year!

Anemone crab

royalgramma md

many banded pipefish

sally lightfoot crab md

chocolate chip starfish sm

sexy shrimp

sebae anemone md

green long tentacle anemone md

green bubble anemone md

green chromis md

green matted filefish md

sailfin tang md

scooter blenny md

yellow watchman goby md

valentini puffer md

melanurus wrasse md

imperator angel juv. Sm

copperband butterfly sm

purple pseudochromis md

coral beauty angel sm

diamond goby sm

green mandarin goby md

carpenter’s fairy wrasse md

bicolor blenny md

porcupine puffer md/lg

leopard wrasse md

fire shrimp lg

peppermint shrimp md

firefish md

New freshwater fish shipment!


New Fish Shipment

Just got a couple of local shipments in for the sale to get us into the new year.

Marigold sword

red wag sword

orange glofish

green glofish

purple glofish

red glofish

black neon tetra

electric blue rams

neon tetra md

green barb glofish

galaxy rasbora

striped raphael cat


gold dojo loach

bala cat

albino rainbow shar sm

black ghost knife

blue gourami

opaline gourami

male flame dwarf gourami

powder blue dwarf gourami

jack dempsey sm

firemouth sm

golden panda lyretail molly

dalmatian lyretail molly

gold karat molly

silver lyretail molly

red sunset sailfin molly

leopard puffer

freshwater moray eel

green lantern platy

blue platy

asst male guppy

green tetra glofish

orange tetra glofish

pleco lg

pleco md

ghost glass cat

rred and white ryukin sm

black moor md

gold fantail md

blue lobster

tangerine lobster

julii cory

albino cory

amano shrimp

panda cory

bamboo shrimp

cherry shrimp

spotted cory

green cory

calico fantail md

clown loach md

asst angel sm

asst veil angel sm

male betta