January 2016

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



Second saltwater shipment of the day is in! Lots of nice stuff!

Blue koran angel sm

navarchus angel md

pigmy cherub angel

masked swallowtail angel male

bicolor angel

coral beauty angel

flame back angel sm

naso tang sm

orange fin tomini tang md

yellow belly damsel

powder blue tang md

kole tang md

christmas wrasse true sm/md

orange back fairy wrasse male

banggai cardinal

copperband butterflymd

longnose butterfly md

pearlscale butterfly md

racoon butterfly md

allardi clown sm


purple firefish

pearly jawfish sm/md

green mandarin goby xlg

twin spot goby

randalii goby

midas blenny lg/xlg

tangaroa goby

rainfori goby

yellow rose goby

riger shrimp goby

starry blenny

griessingeri goby

red scooter blenny

dogface puffer md

clown tang md

orange shoulder tang lg

powder brown tang md

sailfin tang md

bluejaw trigger

bluejaw trigger md

huma trigger sm

harlequin tusk lg

exquisity wrasse

possum wrasse

longnose hawkfish md

tropical flounder sm/md

pepperming hog md


rose anemone sm

horseshoe crab sm/md

sally lightfoot crab

red tip hermit

cleaner shrimp md

red banded pistol shrimp

bali red starfish

tuxedo urchin

turbo snail

astria snail

New Saltwater Shipment!!!



Small saltwater shipment this morning! Still one more on the way today so keep an eye out for another list later today.

Pink tip anemone

arrow crab lg

seahare md

pistol shrimp lg

yellow finger gorgonian md

red finger gorgonian md

green chromis md

horseshoe crab md

domino damsel md

yellowtail blue damsel md

green matted filefish md

bicolor blenny md

orange skunk clown lg

orange skunk clown sm

green mandarin goby md

golden head sleeper goby md

sixline wrasse md

false christmas wrasse md

pink spotted watchman goby md

royalgramma md

coral banded shrimp md

pourcupine puffer md

mono aregentus md

lyretail chromis md

imperator angel juv. Sm

melanurus wrasse md

hawaiian kole tange md

ruby red scooter blenny md

cleaner shrimp lg

clown trigger md/sm

peppermint shrimp md

hawaiian flame angel md

red leg cortez hermits

New Plants are in!!!



New plant are in!!!

green cabomba

hygro angustifolia

broad leaf ludwigia

peruensis ludwigia


nesaea sp “red”

brazilian pennywort

rotala indica

rotala wallichi


amazon md

amazon lg

radican md

red melon md

bronze wendtii xl

corkscrew bunch

subulata bunch

java fern

micro sword

water sprite

dwarf baby tears on mat

dwarf hairgrass on mat

anubias barteri potted

anubia nana potted

crypt lutea potted

crypt parva potted

crypt w. Bronze potted

dwarf baby tears potted

dwarf four leaf clover potted

dwarf hairgrass potted

monte carlo potted


Australia Shipment is in!!!




We got a really nice Australian shipment today! There are some really spectacular pieces that won’t last long!

Neon green duncan frags

mini rainbow scolymia

asst frags

toxic green branching hammer

yellow tip torch

bicolor hammer (really nice!)

orange branching octospawn

metallic acanthrophyllia

metallic plate

maze brain md

brown knobby gorgonians

red rock anemone sm

red tile star

mini max carpets

red marble star

sand sifting star

red sea fan

vlamingi tang lg

red fin fairy wrasse

New Cichlid Shipment!!!




New cichlids are in!!!

sunset platys md/lg

apistogramma sp. Pandurini

apistogramma cacatuoides double red sm/md

paratilapia bleekeri md/lg

zebra oblique lg

distichodus sexfasciatus md/lg

afromastacembelus frenatus eel lg

mylochromis sphearodon yellow fin md

stigmatochromis modestus red lg

protomelas fenestratus/steveni taiwan red lg

cyrtocara moori lg

placidochromis milomo VC10 md/lg

nimbochromis venustus md

asst haplochromis lg

placidochromis phenochilus sapphire lupingu male xlg

sciaeno fryeri (elec blue) lg

laabeotropheus fuelleborni blue md

asst. Pseudotropheus md/lg

pseudotropheus elongatus chewere lag

metriaclima OB zebra md/lg

paracyprichromis nigripinnis blue neon sm

burundi frontosa sm/md

lamprologus leleupi orange sm/md

altolamprologus calvus black sm

altolamprologus calvus yellow f1 sm

lamprologus signatus sm

lamprologus callipterus sm/md

eretmodus cyanostictus blue point malasa island lg

tropheus moori kaiser sm/md

tropheus moori linangu yellow rainbow md

tropheus moori papagay sunspot sm/md

altolamprologus calvus kipili zebra lg

altolamprologus compressiceps red fin lg

1/19/2016 Saltwater Shipments




We’ve got 2 saltwater shipments arriving this morning!

Ritteri anemone md

bicolor angel md

coral beauty angel md

imperator angel md

juv imperator angel md

juv koran angel md

potters angel md

lyretail anthias male md

orange lyretail anthias md

pearly jawfish sm

copperband butterfly md

racoon butterfly sm

scarlet reef hermit sm

african midas blenny md

bicolor blenny md

engineer goby md

flame tail blenny md

clow goby md

sleeper tiger goby md

marine betta md

fuzzy dwarf lionfish md

blue coral banded shrimp md

blonde naso tang md

naso tang md

solar wrasse md

lubbock wrasse md


bristle tail filefish

yellow tang md/lg

yellow tang sm

lawnmower blenny md

yellow coris wrasse sm

twinspot signal goby md

yellow tang md/lg

green chromis lg

flame hawkfish

cerith snail

pink margarita snail

nassarius snail

astrea snail

mexican turbo snail

red stripe trochus snail

cleaner shrimp xl

bicolor angel lg

potter’s angel md

flame angel md/lg

pakistan butterfly md

bicolor blenny male md

pygmy possum wrasse md

achilles tang sm

antenna goby

green madarin goby xl

longnose hawkfish lg

sharpnose whitespot puffer md

sharpbise bluespot puffer md

pajama cardinal lg

foxface sm

tamarin bluespot wrasse sm

potters wrasse sm

tuxedo urchin

blue linkia starfish md

Huge Freshwater Shipment!!!



Huge freshwater shipment just arrived! If you’ve been waiting for something we probably now have it.

Male betta lg

male black orchid crowntail betta lg

male dragonscale crowntail betta lg

male platinum white betta

albino paradise gourami

gold gourami

gold osphronemus gourami md

male fancy dwarf gourami

opaline gourami

pearl leeri gourami

platinum gourami

pygmy pumilus sparkling gourami

silver arowana md

albino cherry barb

albino tiger barg

black ruby barb

cherry barb

green tiger barb md

longfin rosy barb

tiger barb md

red side barb

clown loach

striata botia md

sumo loach

yoyo lohachata botia

royal clown loach md

hillstream butterfly loach

asian needlenose gar

green scat

red scat md

albino aeneus cory

julii cory md

metae cory md

panda cory

sterbai cory t/r md

adolphi cory t/r md

loxozonus cory md

banjo catfish

bumblebee catfish

polkadot pictus catfish

farlowella catfish

bristlenose pleco L144a

albino bristlenose pleco

spiney devil pleco L024 xlg

clown pleco L103

golden pleco L014 xlg

green phantom pleco L200 md

royal pleco L191

tiger pleco L002 md

white spot pleco LDA33

golden vampire pleco L172a lg

synodontis clarias catfish

asst. Veil angel

asst. Fancy angel sm/md

zebra blue angel

orange blotched peacock

albino labeotropheus fuelleborni

flowerhorn cichlid

purple king kong parrot

balloon blue ram

checkerboard cichlid

jack dempsey cichlid md

jack dempsey cichlid lg

dovii cichlid

electric blue jack dempsey sm

festivum sm/md

firemouth meeki

german blue ram

german blue ram md

green severum

green terror md

keyhole cichlid

peacock bass

colored red devil

salvini cichlid md

texas cichlid md

electric blue acara

albino tiger oscar sm/md

giant danio

longin gold zebra danio

zebra danio

celestial danio

red glofish tetra

sleeper goby md

peacock gudgeon

dragon fish goby

marble goby

red fantail goldfish sm/md

red fantail goldfish md

calico bubble eye goldfish

celestial eye goldfish

red cap oranda

red telescope goldfish

black ghost knife md

dawn platy md

red tiger platy md

24karat tuxedo platy md

red blonde tuxedo guppy male md

tequila sunrise guppy male md

asst. Guppy male md

blue delta guppy pair md

yellow micariffe guppy male md

platinum guppy male md

black lyretail molly md

creamsicle lyretail balloon molly

red sunset sailfin molly md

silver lyretail molly md

tangerine lyretail molly md

asst swordtail

painted variatus

elephant nose

dwarf freshwater bb puffer

figure eight puffer lg

leopard puffer lg

boesemani rainbow

boesemani rainbow

dwarf kamaka rainbow md

neon rainbow md

new guinea rainbow lg

turquoise rainbow

yellow rainbow md

espei rasbora

rasbora het

dwarf emeral rasbora


siamese flying fox

bala shark md

blackfin shark

rainbow shark md

rainbow shark lg

redtail shark md

black neon tetra

black phantom tetra

ember tetra

glolite tetra lg

gold tetra

head and tail lite tetra

lemon tetra

longfin serpae tetra

longfin white skirt tetra

neon tetra lg

penguin tetra

serpae tetra

silvertip tetra

white fin rosy tetra

green neon tetra wild md

silver hatchet md

african dwarf frog

amano algae eating shrimp

red claw crab

dwarf orange mexican lobster

freshwater fiddler crab

tiger nerite snail

zebra nerite snail

Monday morning saltwater shipment


New Fish Shipment


New shipment of saltwater arriving this morning.


red leg hermit

dragon sleeper goby md

desjardini sailfin tang md

sand dollar

blue eye cardinal

yellow canary blenny

yellow clown goby

spotted mandarin goby md/lg

blonde naso tang w/streamers md

candy hogfish sm

bristle tail filefish md/lg

bubble anemone md

bicolor angel md/lg

midnight angel lg

eiblii angel md

lemonpeel angel lg

potter’s angel md

flame angel md

kleins butterfly md

yellow belly damsel

black midas blenny lg

sailfin leopard blenny md/lg

yasha haza goby md

fuzzy dwarf lionfish sm

orange sharpnose puffer md/lg

bluejaw trigger female md

bluejaw trigger male md

foxface sm

naso tang sm

yellow eye kole tang md

potters wrasse md

diana’s hogfish sm

yellow seahorse sm

coral banded shrimp md

First Freshwater Shipment of 2016


New Fish Shipment


Today is the first freshwater shipment of 2016! It’s a pretty large shipment so hopefully there is something for everyone.

Tiger barb lg
green tiger barb sm
cherry barb
tinfoil barb sm
misc barbs
male betta
female betta
jack dempsey sm
firemouth sm
tiger oscar sm
blood parrot
blue ram dwarf
green terror sm
l/f zebra danio
l/f leopard danio
giant danio
harlequin rasbora
ass glofish danio
black moor sm
gold fantail sm
assst. Oranda sm
gold gourami
opaline gourami
pearl gourami
male flame dwarf gourami
red paradise gourami
blue lobster
bosemani rainbow
bamboo shrimp
roseline shark 2″
cherry shrimip
amano shrimp
vanilla lobster
gold twinbar platy
redtial black variatus platy
chinese algae eater md
common pleco sm
otocinclus cat
bala shark sm
bala cat
clown loach md
yoyo loach
gold dojo loach
green nerite snail
horned nerite snail
painted sword
serpae tetra
l/f serpae tetra
black neon tetra
black skirt tetra md
h/f black skirt tetra
diamond tetra
neon tetra md
orange von rio tetra
blue glofish tetra
purple glofish tetra
red glofish tetra
silver lyretail molly
black lyretail molly
dalmatian lyretail molly
cremecicle lyretail molly
gold karat molly
silver lyretail molly xlg

First fish shipments of 2016!!


New Fish Shipment


The first shipments of 2016 have started to roll in. Thanks to everyone who came out for the big year end sale we’ve got a lot to restock.

Coral beauty angel
blue tang t/r
yellow tang
flame angel sm/md
snowflake eel sm
kole tang md
shark finned wrasse
diamond goby md
goldhead sleeper md
griessingeri goby
red dragonet blenny
harlequin tusk lg
swales candy basslet
astria snail
fox coral md
tiger wardi goby md
coral beauty angel sm
false christmas wrasse md
gold head sleeper md
melanurus wrasse md
diamond goby sm
anemone shrimp
green chromis md
anemone crab
royal gramma md
porcupine puffer md/lg
porcupine puffer sm
yellow angel md
pinktail trigger md
temminks fairy wrasse lg
leopard wrasse md
dogface puffer lg
green matted filefish sm
lawnmower blenny md
black volitan lionfish sm
blue tang md/sm
pyramid snail
peppermint shrimp md
banded cat shark sm
cleaner shrimp lg
magnificent foxface md
red leg hermits
desjardini sailfin tang sm
coral beauty angel md
dispar anthias md
singapore angel md
lawnmower blenny md/lg
rainfordi goby
white sleeper goby md
naso tang lg
blonde naso tang w/streamers md
asst. Fairy wrasse
melanurus wrasse md/lg
dogface puffer sm
tuxedo urchin
black longspine urchin sm
blue linkia starfish lg
brown sea hare sm
green emerald crab
blue mushroom sm
ultra maxima clam
bicolor angel md
midnight angel md/lg
eiblii angel md/log
lemonpeel angel sm
pygmy angel sm
copperband butterfly sm
kleins butterfly md
yellow belly damsel
male bicolor blenny md
starry blenny lg
twinspot signal goby md/lg
scissortail goby md
dragon sleeper goby lg
panther grouper md
stars and stripes puffer sm
sharpnose orange puffer md
moorish idol md
foxface md
female blonde naso tang sm
blue tang sm
powder blue tang sm
two spot candy hogfish md
red/black linkia starfish sm
purple tip sebae anemond md/lg
green metallic zoas md/lg