April 2016

One Last Saltwater Shipment For The Day!!!



One last saltwater shipment for the day.

Sailfin tang md

bicolor angel md

yellow boxfish md

cleaner wrasse md

green mandarin goby lg

scooter blenny lg

lawnmower blenny md

porcupine puffer sm

green chromis md

melanurus wrasse md

imperator angel xsm

regal angel md

female swallowtail angel lg

scopas tang md

pink spotted watchman goby md

sixline wrasse lg

leopard wrasse md

sexy shrimp

green long tentacle anemone md

pink tip condylactis anemone

male blue throat trigger md

royalgramma md

fire shrimp sm

herbivorous seahare md

sunburst anthias lg

leopard wrasse lg

domino damsel md

golden head sleeper goby

dragon sleeper goby md

diamond goby xl

stellata puffer md

male hawaiian blue throat trigger lg

naso tang xl

zebra swallowtail angel xl

ruby red scooter blenny md

red angler md

red flower anemone

ultra green flower anemone md

marble cat shark sm

banded cat shark lg

hawaiian white spot puffer md

pink pom pom xenia frag

green star polyp frag

dragons breath

pink/green hammer frags

Saltwater Shipment!!!



New saltwater shipments!!!


flame hawk

cleaner shrimp md

green mandarin goby xxl

brown sea hare

lawnmower blenny md

black margarita snail

red leg hermit

blue tang sm

flame angel md

adult imperator angel md

ruby red scooter blenny sm

twinspot signal goby md

sharpnose puffer md

yellow eye kole tang md

sailfin tang sm

powder blue tang sm

red tail trigger lg

pink/white feather duster

tiger pistol shrimp

halloween hermits

nassarius snails

astrea snails

red stripe trochus snails

tiger conch md

bubble anemone md

zoa frags sm

green star polyp frag sm

green candy coral sm

favites sm

elegance coral md

bicolor angel lg

midnight angel md

lemonpeel angel md/lg

potter’s angel md

adult majestic angel md

adult blueface angel md/lg

adult annularis angel md

klein’s butterfly md

green clown goby

fu manchu lionfish md/lg

bristle tail filefish sm

male bluejaw trigger md

naso tang md/lg

blonde naso tang w/streamers md

tominiensis tang sm

arrowhead wrasse md

yellow coris wrasse xl

yellow coris wrasse lg

dusky coris wrasse md

orange spine urchin

red flower anemone

blue tang

naso tang md

orange fin tomini tang md

allen’s damsel

marine betta md

banggai cardinal

purple firefish

twinspot goby

yellow rose goby

red dragonet blenny

saddle puffer

plue spotted puffer

harlequin tusk md

harlequin tusk lg

evansi anthias

female squamipinnis anthias

green long tentacle anemone md

purple long tentacle anemone sm

purple base green bubble anemone md

sally lightfoot crab

tiger shrimp

red banded pistol shrimp

sand sifting starfish

tuxedo urchin

turbo snail

yellow polyps sm/md

daisy polyps sm/md

scott’s velvet wrasse

lineatus grouper