May 2016

New Saltwater Shipment!!!



New Saltwater Arrivals

royalgramma md

cleaner shrimp sm

harlequin shrimp md

candy striped pistol shrimp

banded serpent starfish md

atlanticpygmy angel md

seahare md

green chromis md

blue damsel md

lawnmower blenny md

valentini puffer md

fussz dwarf lionfish sm

palawan percula clown md

sixline wrasse lg

bicolor angel md

ruby red scooter blenny md

diamond goby sm

diamond goby lg

starry blenny lg

dwarf pixie hawk md

yellow watchman goby md

twin spot goby md

marble wrasse md

dragon wrasse adult sm

copperband butterfly sm

blue tang md/sm

naso tang sm

coral beauty angel md

blue spotted watchman goby lg

pink spotted watchan goby lg

red long jaw wrasse md

green manadarin goby xlg

striped dogface puffer sm

niger trigger md

swallowtail angel female md

flagfin angel md

dogface puffer md/sm

scopas tang sm

sailfin tang md

thornback cowfish sm

hawaiian white spot puffer md

clown trigger xsm

peppermint shrimp md

emerald crab md

hawaiian flame angel md

nassarius snail lg

metallic green long tentacle plate lg

metallic green long tentacle plate md

green plate md

red/purple tip elegance md

green/purple elegance md

royal red starfish

orange plate sm

bright red open brain md

green hairy mushroom sm

sunset mushroom sm

neon orange ricordia md

pink ricordia lg

blue carpet anemone lg

Small But Stunning Coral Shipment!!!



Small But Stunning Coral Shipment

twin spot goby

dwarf lionfish sm

show torch coral

show chalice coral

show acan

show toxic green bubble coral

pagoda coral

toadstool coral

show orange hammer coral

show aussie war coral

green duncan heads

New Freshwater Arrivals



New freshwater arrivals today!!!

assorted angels sm

assorted angels md

gold barb

red oscar sm

tiger oscar sm

green terror sm

zebra danio

l/f zebra danio

l/f leopard danio

starfire red glofish

sunburst orange glofish

pearlscale goldfish

assorted koi 4″

gold gourami

opaline gourami

tiretrack eel

redtail dalmatian platy

ghost glass cat

bala shark lg

red and blue coumbian tetra

Memorial Day Savings


Stand tall and proud

Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Friday 27th – Monday 30th

Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all of the following:

Neon Tetras
Diamond Tetras
Albino Buenos Aires Tetras
Candy Cane Tetras
Harlequin Rasboras
Brilliant Rasboras
Giant Danios
Pea Puffers

Specials on the following:

Sm Clown Loaches $4.99
Live Rock (excluding real reef) $3.99/lb
Sm Ocellaris Clowns $14.99
Sm Flurry Ocellaris Clowns $39.99
Banded Prawn Goby $19.99

*Plus several in store specials as well!!!!

New Freshwater Arrivals



New freshwater arrivals today!

Tiger barb lg

albino tiger barb lg

green tiger barb lg

male cherry barb

diamond tetra

neon tetra lg

albino congo tetra

rasbora het

candycane tetra

albino buenos aires tetra

giant danio

pleco md

algae eating shrimp

red tiger endler male

red spot gold several

P. furcatus

P. signifer

featherfin rainbow

madagascar rainbow

neon dwarf rainbow md

goyder river rainbow lg

8 line rainbow md

yellow rainbow

red rainbow lg

clown loach

dwarf puffer

silver hatchet

rummy nose

butterfly pleco L-52

electric green rainbow

New Saltwater Arrivals



New saltwater shipments today

coral beauty angel md

keyhole angel md

regal angel md/lg

red/orange angler sm

evansi anthias md

orange lyretail anthias sm

orange spotted blenny md

klausewitz’s blenny md

two spot bimaculatus blenny md

striped ochre cardinal md

red stop lite cardinal

yellow aureus damsel md

blue reef chromis md

blue sapphire damsel md

lemon clown goby md

green clown goby

yellowhead jawfish md

panda goby sm

flying gurnard md

peppermint candy hogfish md

spotfin antennata lionfish md

tomini tang sm

blue hippo tang sm

yellow tang md

yellow chrysus wrasse md

yellow toadstool leather coral

green toadstool leather coral

pink/purple tip elegance sm

green spiny cup coral md

green w/purple ring md

solid molten red australis md

solid neon green australis md

fox coral md

tri color valida md

emerald crab

anemone crab

blue knuckle hermit crab

yellow tip hermit crab

red tip hermit crab

derasa clam

striped w/blue rim derasa clam

conehead algae eater snail

top crown snail

margarita snail

red brittle starfish md

long spine urchin md

common hermit crab sm

green chromis md

black & gold chromis

blue damsel md

green mardarin goby xl

ruby red scooter blenny md

scooter blenny md

starry blenny lg

sixline wrasse lg

diamond goby md/lg

golden head sleeper goby md

blonde naso tang md/sm

triple tail fairy wrasse md

leopard wrasse sm

black & white heniochus md

melanurus wrasse md

green bird wrasse md

copperband butterfly md

naso tang sm

valentini puffer md

red coris wrasse juv. Md

purple pseudochromis md

bicolor blenny md

black boxfish sm

bicolor angel md

thornback cowfish sm

three stripe damsel md

two stripe damsel md

domino damsel md

hawaiian potters angel sm

tiger pistol shrimp

hawaiian flame angel md

mexican turbo snail

clown trigger xsm

wyoming white clownfish md

frostbite clownfish sm

flurry clownfish sm

davinci clownfish sm

black ice clownfish sm

snowflake ocellaris sm

midnight clownfish md

domino clownfish md

snow onyx clownfish sm

maine blizzard clownfish sm

picasso clownfish sm

goldflake maroon clownfish sm

ocellaris clownfish sm

black ocellaris clownfish sm

darwin ocellaris clowfish misbar sm

sunrise dottyback lg

springeri dottybacklg

neon dottyback lg

flurry clownfish pr

spotcinctus clownfish pr

lightning maroon clownfish pr

davinci clownfish pr

wide bar mocha gladiator clownfish pr

New Freshwater Arrivals



New Freshwater arrivals

blue dolphin

elongatus chewere


african butterfly

double red apistogramma

super red apistogramma

wild peru apistogramma

panda dwarf apistogramma

red neck apistogramma

checkerboard cichlid

chocolate cichlid

colombian surinamensis

gold severum

green severum

dwarf anchor catfish

dwarf petricola

asst. Sewellia

horseface loach

cardinal tetra “wild”

green neon “wild”

neon tetra

celestial pearl danio

burmese goldring danio

orange hatchetfish

chili rasbora

koi male betta “show grade”

myanmar flame red badis

asst male guppy

fancy female guppy

endler’s livebearer

red crystal shrimp

south american puffer

ornate bicher

zebra nerite snail

painted marigold swordtail md/lg

pea puffer md

silver red tuxedo guppy lg

green cobra guppy lg

siamese algae eater lg

solar flair swordtail lg

reticulated hillstream loach

gold gourami

amano shrimp

bristlenose pleco lg

blue channel cat

siamese algae eater

bala cat

neon sword

black neon tetra

electric green glofish tetra

neon tetra xlg

gold karat molly

red sunset sailfin molly

asst neon butterfly molly

asst neon butterfly balloon molly

asst. Peacock

New Saltwater Arrivals



New saltwater arrivals this week so far

temminks fairy wrasse lg

melanurus wrasse md

dragon sleeper goby lg

anemone shrimp

pink tip condylactis

harlequin shrimp md

anemone crab lg

ruby red dragonet sm

volitan lion lg

tiger piston shrimp

cleaner shrimp lg

fire shrimp lg

marble cat shark sm

green bubble coral

cats eye bubble coral

fiji zoas

orange/yellow hammer xlg

neon green hammer

orange/yellow hammer

aussie red rhodactis

orange hammer xlg

ultra clove polyps


elegance coral

australian harlequin tusk

spotted mandarin

percula clown

purple long tentacle anemone

sea hare

dwarf lionfish

aussie elegance

orange hammer xlg

ultra lobo

aussie red rhodactis

fiji zoas

pacific pygmy angel


yellow watchman goby sm

banded watchman goby sm

cleaner shrimp md

bristle tail filefish md

true percula lg

red leg hermit

rose bubble anemone sm

bubble anemone lg

bicolor dottyback

diadema pseudochromis

percula clown md

percula clown lg

pajama cardinal xlg

flame angel md

lawnmower blenny md

sleeper diamond goby md

clown tang sm

fairy wrasse

sixline wrasse

melanurus wrasse md

copperband butterfly lg

raccoon butterfly md

kleins butterfly md

sand sifting starfish md

chocolate chip starfish md/lg

feather duster

tuxedo urchin

orange tuxedo urchin

bluespot sea hare md/lg

sally lightfoot crab

green emerald crab

halloween hermit

astrea snail

red stripe snail

purple sebae anemone md/lg

green flower goniopora sm

green chromis

green chromis lg

golden midas blenny md/lg

yellow clown goby

goldhead sleeper goby lg

tiger wardi sleeper goby sm

royalgramma md

hawkfish md

dwarf fuzzy lionfish sm

yellow goatfish md

clown trigger

foxface lg

yellow tang sm

blue eye kole tang sm

adult red coris wrasse

fromia marble starfish md

green zoas lg

green carpet anemone sm

purple long tentacle anemone md

tiger jawfish md

copperband butterfly md

pom pom crab md

tiger sleeper goby md

nassarius snail

trochus snail

porcupine puffer md

red band pistol shrimp md

blonde naso tang md

desjardini tang md

fire urchin md

blue spottted leopard wrasse md

adult chrysurus angel md

borbonius anthias md

borbonius anthias sm

marine betta md