June 2016

New Cichlid Arrivals!!!



New cichlid shipment!!! I’ve added all the info we get for the cichlids to help answer some of the questions we get when these shipments arrive.

cynotilapia sp. “white top gallireya”

labidochromis sp. “mbamba yellow top”

metriaclima emmiltos “red dorsal zebra” “mphanga rocks”

metriaclima sp. “msobo” “deep”

placidochromis milomo “vc 10”

altolamprologus calvus “black”

altolamprologus calvus “yellow”

altolamprologus compressiceps “red fin”

cyphotilapia frontosa “six stripe”

neolamprologus brevis “sunspot”

neolamprologus multifasciatus

apistogramma agassizi “double red”

apistogramma borelli “blue”

apistogramma cacatuoides “orange flash”

apistogramma cacatuoides “super red”

apistogramma sp. “oregon” wild peru

apistogramma macmasteri “red neck”

geophagus sp. “tapajos” “red head”

mesoheros festae “red terror” wild

corydoras duplicarius TR

synodontis lucipinnis “dwarf petricola” TR

acantopsis sp. “black line horseface loach”

ambastaia sidthimunki “dwarf chain loach”

pangio sp. “kuhli loach”

botia almorhae “yo yo loach”

black neon tetra

neon tetra

orange flame tetra

rainbow emperor tetra

rummy nose tetra TR

white fin tetra hy511

backford’s pencilfish

red spotted splash tetra

celestial pearl danio

chili rasbora

white cloud

gold white cloud

batman betta wild

dwarf gourami

scarlet badis

asst male guppy

endler’s livebearer

neon dwarf rainbow

elephant nose

sumatran mini bumblebee goby

sumatran blue cobalt goby

elegant algae eating goby

fahaka puffer TR

New Freshwater arrivals!!!



New freshwater arrivals

zebra lace angels sm

tequila sunrise male guppy lg

silver red tuxedo guppy male lg

rainbow guppy male lg

red fin tiger loach lg

yellow rainbow md/lg

asst. Angel sm

male rosy barb

male betta

crowntail betta

red oscar sm

tiger oscar sm

dwarf blue ram

dwarf red jewel cichlid

snow white socolofi

glofish green, red, orange

harlequin rasbora

black moor md

asst. Koi 4″

asst butterfly koi 3″

opaline gourami

blue gourami

honey sunset gourami

female guppy

leopard puffer

bamboo shrimp

cherry shrimp

amano shrimp

vanilla lobster

black ghost knife

asst. Balloon molly

silver lyretail molly

black lyretail molly

dalmatian lyretail molly

cremecicle lyretail molly

red wag platy

mickey mouse platy

redtail dalmatian platy

green lantern platy

albino cory


ghost glass cat

borneo sucker

bala shark sm

rainbow shark sm

bala cat

clown loach md

neon tetra xlg

colombian tetra

glofish tetra orange

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



Received a few new saltwater shipments today!!!

lawnmower blenny

banner cardinal

green chromis

green toadstool leather xlg

green carpet anemone

blue carpet anemone

rhodactis mushrooms

leather coral

vietnam zoas

green giant cup mushroom

orange torch

hammer coral

green torch

niger trigger md

tiger wardi goby md

lamark angel xsm

swallowtail angel female sm

engineer goby md

green mandarin goby lg

yellow watchman goby md

melanurus wrasse md

carpenter’s fairy wrass lg

diamond goby lg

green chromis md

yellowtail blue damsel md

two stripe damsel md

blue damsel md

red ruby scooter blenny sm

three strimp damel md

foxface sm

red coris wrasse adult md

blue eye bristletooth tange md

chocolate mimic tang lg

leopard wrasse md

sexy shrimp

harlequin shrimp md

red pistol shrimp lg

red hairy hermit crab md

banded cat shark md

hawaiian yellow tang xsm

rose bubble anemone lg

flame angel md/lg

golden angel

imperator angel md/lg

majestic angel md

multicolor angel md/lg

flametail blenny

ruby red scooter blenny md/lg

tailspot blenny

banner cardinal sm

springer’s damsel

talbot damsel

aiptasia eating filfish md/lg

amikami goby

bluestripe neon goby

fuzzy nut goby

green war paint clown goby md/lg

rainfordi goby md/lg

tiger wardi goby md/lg

twinspot goby

yasa hashe goby

masuda’s hogfish md

foxface sm

blue tang sm

chevron tang juv sm

clown tang md

eiblii tang md

lavender tang md

naso tang md

purple tang md

kole tang sm

niger trigger sm

christmas wrasse md

harlequin tusk md

male koi fairy wrasse

male naoko’s fairy wrasse

male tricolor fairy wrasse

orange leg hermit crab md/lg

red leg reef hermit

scarlett hermit

sea hare sm

star polyp md

cleaner shrimp sm

fire shrimp lg

peppermint shrimp

tiger pistol shrimp

astrea snail

cerith snail

mexican turbo snail

nassarius sand snail

zebra striped turbo snail

long spine urchin sm

pencil urchin

brown octopus sm

New Freshwater Arrivals!!!



A few new freshwater arrivals today that piggybacked in with the saltwater stuff!!!

red velvet sword

pineapple sword

bala shark lg

bala shark sm

amano shrimp

cherry shrimp

asst peacocks 3″

cardinal tetra lg

neon jewel cichlid xlg

tequila sunrise guppy male lg

silver red tuxedo guppy male lg

rainbow guppy male lg

snakeskin barb md

New arrivals!!!!



We got a really small shipment, mainly freshwater

jardini arowana md

clown loach md

yo yo loach

honeycomb tatia catfish

red cap koi angel md

allbino labidochromis caeruleus md

red frontosa

asst cobra delta guppy males

dwarf freshwater bb puffer

cherry red shrimp

dwarf orange mexican lobster

black carbon shrimp

swale’s basslet sm

purple rhinopias md

magnificent foxface lg

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



New saltwater arrivals today!!!

lemon peel angel lg

evansi anthias md

female orange lyretail anthias md

red male yellow breast anthias md

chalk basslets sm

sailfin blenny md

two spot bimaculatus blenny md

ochre striped cardinals md

red stop lite cardinal md

blue reef chromis

blue sapphire damsels md

green clown gobies md

panda gobies sm

bondable notumus gobies md

fuzzy dwarf lionfish lg

antennata lionfish md

splendid pin tail fairy wrasse

blonde naso tang

blonde naso tang md/lg

splendid pin tail fairy wrasse md

puddingwife wrasse md

pearl wrasse sm

black leopard wrasse md

blueberry orange stem gorgonians md

colt coral md

pink/purple tip elegance coral sm

green long tentacle plate coral md

solid molten red australis md

crater green metallic brain

orange tube coral md

green w/orange eye chalice md

gold ultra torch md

super purple goniopora

green gemmifera md

green prostrata md

purple rosaria md

green table

tricolor valida

graph bonsai nana

horseshoe crab

emerald crab

neon orange knuckle hermits

scarlet hermit

multicolor yuma

horseshoe crab lg

top crown snail

turbo snail

domino damsel md

yellowtail blue damsel md

dwarf lionfish lg

purple pseudochromis md

foxface sm

coral beauty angel md

melanurus wrasse md

pink spotted watchman goby lg

blue spotted watchman goby lg

orange skunk clown md

orange skunk clown lg

green mandarin goby lg

cleaner wrasse md

red tomato clown md

maroon clown lg

koran angel juv. Md

scopas tang md

naso tang sm

royalgramma md

arrow crab lg

sixline wrasse md

pink tip condylactis anemone

hermit crab sm

diamond goby lg

dragon sleeper goby md

two stripe damsel md

blue throat trigger male md/lg

spotted dogface puffer md/sm

horseshoe crab lg

seahare md

starki damsel

orange shoulder tang adult md/lg

peppermin shrimp md

exquisite fairy wrasse md

zebra swallowtail angel md

New Saltwater Arrivals



New saltwater shipments have arrived!!!


purple gorgonian

purple brush gorgonian

green plate coral

green coris wrasse

blue sided fairy wrasse

bangaii cardinal

nano foxface

blue linkia

red trachyphylia

blubble coral xlg

aussie ultra chalice

red symphyllia

green goniopora

fiji zoas

SA snowflake black ocellaris

SA blackfoot tomato clowns md

SA blackline blenny

SA Smith’s fang blenny

SA fancy ocellaris sm

SA percularis md

SA indigo dottyback

SA red head goby

SA tomato clown sm

SA frostbite “chilled” ocellaris md

cloud wrasse

pandora palys

key lime mango chalice

anemone shrimp

starry blenny lg

snowflake moray eel md

melanurus wrasse md

bicolor goatfish md

miniatus grouper sm

volitan lionfish sm

convict tang md

flameback pygmy angel md

desjardini sailfin tang md

exquisiste fairy wrasse lg

twin spot wrasse md

radiant wrasse sm

purple base ritteri anemone lg

crimson knob starfish lg

spotted dogface puffer md/sm

haw blue throat trigger male lg

aurora goby lg

midas blenny lg

powder blue tang sm

orange/red/green acan md

branching alveopora lg

green bubble coral md

yellow tip green torch coral

green hairy mushroom md

yuma orange blue mushroom md

sunset mushroom md/sm

green marble orange spots mushroom md

mixed mushroom

green bullseye rhodactis md

rainbow wellsophyllia lg

neon green long tentacle plate coral

metallic green long tentacle plate coral

darth maul zoas

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



A few more shipments have arrived! Sorry freshwater folks, I don’t think we got anything for you today.

Hermit crabs md

royalgramma md

red banded pipefish md

arrow crab lg

coral banded shrimp md

horseshoe crab sm

sexy shrimp

green chromis md

pink damsel md

blue damsel md

domino damsel md

dwarf pixie hawk md

black & white heniochus md

imperator angel juvenile md

pearlscale butterfly md

palawan percula clown md

cleaner wrasse md

red ruby dragonet sm

scooter blenny md

diamond goby lg

bicolor angel md

coral beauty angel md

diamond goby sm

yellow watchman goby md

leopard wrasse md

red coris wrasse adult md

dragon wrasse juvenile md

blue line pencil wrasse md

tiger wardi goby md

chocolate mimic tang lg

powder brown tang md

naso tang sm

blue tang md/sm

lubbocks fairy wrasse female md

niger trigger md

green mandarin goby md

green mandarin goby lg

dragon sleeper goby lg

dragon sleeper goby md/lg

lamark angel xsm

blue throat trigger female md/lg

porcupine puffer lg

keyhole angel md

marble cat shark sm

cortez stingray md

hawaiian blue throat trigger male lg

venustus angel md

clown trigger md

toadstool md

cultured toadstool md

red brain md

orange plate md

flat plate md

flowering pavona sm

favites brain md

bubble coral sm

maze brainmd

green wellso md

cultured montipora md

cultured torch md

metallic candy green caulestrea

green ultra wall hammer

metallic green trachyphyllia

golden maxima clams 2″

golden maxima clams 3″

trochus snail md

mustard tang lg

french angel md

french angel lg

rock beauty angel md

female bellus angel

purple queen anthias md

lemon peel angel md

atlantic blue tang sm

lime green wrasse md

naso tang lg

queen angel lg

blue reef chromis

evansii anthias md

New Saltwater Shipment!!!



We are expecting a few shipments today! Here’s the first!

Yellow tang md

firefish goby

clown trigger sm

yellow longnose butterfly md

red leg hermit

pompom crab

mexican turbo snail

bubble anemone md

melanurus wrasse md/lg

harlequin tusk md/lg

harlequin tusk lg

bicolor angel md

blue tang md/lg

pygmy flameback angel md

blonde naso tang md

flame angel lg

ruby red scooter blenny sm

arrowhead wetmore wrasse md

flame hawk

klein’s butterfly md

orange spot rabbitfish md/lg

bristle tail filefish sm

chocolate chip starfish lg

blue linkia starfish lg

sand dollar

blue spot sea-hair sm

sally lightfoot crab

tiger pistol shrimp

nassarius snails xlg

potter’s angel md

regal angel md/lg

copperband butterfly sm

yellow zoster md/lg

honey red damsel

male bicolor blenny md

golden midas blenny md

panther grouper sm

longnose hawkfish md

fuzzy dwarf lionfish sm

radiata lionfish md

macolor snapper md

niger trigger md

yellow eye kole tang md

yellow coris wrasse md/lg

purple lobster sm

New Freshwater Arrivals!!!



New freshwater shipment arriving today!!!

male betta lg

black orchid crowntail betta male lg

crowntail betta male lg

halfmoon betta male lg

platinum white betta male lg

albino paradise gourami

opaline gourami

pink kissing gourami md

filamentosus barb md

odessa barb

clown loach md

dojo loach

striata botia

yo yo botia

archer fish

asian needlenose gar

freshwater flounder md

green scat

monodactylus argenteus

red scat

tiger datnoid

albino aeneus cory

elegans cory

julii cory md

melini cory md

paleatus cory

panda cory

polkadot pictus cat

spotted raphael cat

farlowella cat

bristlenose pleco L144a


clown pleco L103

royal pleco L191

synodontis petricola catfish sm

asst fancy angel md

red cap koi angel md

royal blue discus

yellow marlboro discus

asst aulonoara peacock md

electric blue ahli male lg

venustus md

purple parrot

rock kribensis

purple king kong parrot lg

dovii cichlid

electric blue jack dempsey sm

electric blue ram

keyhole cichlid

jaguar managuense md

red head synspilum

texas cichlid md/sm

electric blue acara

balloon electric blue ram

haitian cichlid sm

asst longfin danio

gold zebra danio

gold zebra danio

fire eel

snowflake freshwater moray eel lg

peacock eel

yellowtail spiney eel

glofish danio blue, green, purple, red, orange

dragon fish

asst fantail goldfish

calico shubunkin goldfish

sarassa comet goldfish

red cap oranda goldfish

black ghost knife t/r

tiger knife

greenlantern platy md

asst delta guppy female md

assst fancy guppy pair md

tequila sunrise guppy male md

blue variegated delta guppy pair md

yellow micariffe guppy male md

dalmatian lyretail molly md

african mudskipper lg

distichodus sexfasciatus


hummingbird characin

alligator gar

dwarf freshwater bb puffer

figure eight puffer

leopard puffer

dwarf emerald rasbora


siamese flying fox

bala shark

chinese highfin shark

cardinal tetra lg

ember tetra

emperor tetra

neon tetra lg

serpae tetra

white skirt tetra

albino african clawed frog

african dwarf frog

amano shrimp

crystal red shrimp

blue velvet shrimp

red claw crab

dwarf orange mexican lobster

fiddler crab

black carbon shrimp

bloody mary shrimp

assassin snail

japanese trapdoor snail

albino axolotl