Jun 7, 2016

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



A few more shipments have arrived! Sorry freshwater folks, I don’t think we got anything for you today.

Hermit crabs md

royalgramma md

red banded pipefish md

arrow crab lg

coral banded shrimp md

horseshoe crab sm

sexy shrimp

green chromis md

pink damsel md

blue damsel md

domino damsel md

dwarf pixie hawk md

black & white heniochus md

imperator angel juvenile md

pearlscale butterfly md

palawan percula clown md

cleaner wrasse md

red ruby dragonet sm

scooter blenny md

diamond goby lg

bicolor angel md

coral beauty angel md

diamond goby sm

yellow watchman goby md

leopard wrasse md

red coris wrasse adult md

dragon wrasse juvenile md

blue line pencil wrasse md

tiger wardi goby md

chocolate mimic tang lg

powder brown tang md

naso tang sm

blue tang md/sm

lubbocks fairy wrasse female md

niger trigger md

green mandarin goby md

green mandarin goby lg

dragon sleeper goby lg

dragon sleeper goby md/lg

lamark angel xsm

blue throat trigger female md/lg

porcupine puffer lg

keyhole angel md

marble cat shark sm

cortez stingray md

hawaiian blue throat trigger male lg

venustus angel md

clown trigger md

toadstool md

cultured toadstool md

red brain md

orange plate md

flat plate md

flowering pavona sm

favites brain md

bubble coral sm

maze brainmd

green wellso md

cultured montipora md

cultured torch md

metallic candy green caulestrea

green ultra wall hammer

metallic green trachyphyllia

golden maxima clams 2″

golden maxima clams 3″

trochus snail md

mustard tang lg

french angel md

french angel lg

rock beauty angel md

female bellus angel

purple queen anthias md

lemon peel angel md

atlantic blue tang sm

lime green wrasse md

naso tang lg

queen angel lg

blue reef chromis

evansii anthias md

New Saltwater Shipment!!!



We are expecting a few shipments today! Here’s the first!

Yellow tang md

firefish goby

clown trigger sm

yellow longnose butterfly md

red leg hermit

pompom crab

mexican turbo snail

bubble anemone md

melanurus wrasse md/lg

harlequin tusk md/lg

harlequin tusk lg

bicolor angel md

blue tang md/lg

pygmy flameback angel md

blonde naso tang md

flame angel lg

ruby red scooter blenny sm

arrowhead wetmore wrasse md

flame hawk

klein’s butterfly md

orange spot rabbitfish md/lg

bristle tail filefish sm

chocolate chip starfish lg

blue linkia starfish lg

sand dollar

blue spot sea-hair sm

sally lightfoot crab

tiger pistol shrimp

nassarius snails xlg

potter’s angel md

regal angel md/lg

copperband butterfly sm

yellow zoster md/lg

honey red damsel

male bicolor blenny md

golden midas blenny md

panther grouper sm

longnose hawkfish md

fuzzy dwarf lionfish sm

radiata lionfish md

macolor snapper md

niger trigger md

yellow eye kole tang md

yellow coris wrasse md/lg

purple lobster sm