Jun 21, 2016

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



Received a few new saltwater shipments today!!!

lawnmower blenny

banner cardinal

green chromis

green toadstool leather xlg

green carpet anemone

blue carpet anemone

rhodactis mushrooms

leather coral

vietnam zoas

green giant cup mushroom

orange torch

hammer coral

green torch

niger trigger md

tiger wardi goby md

lamark angel xsm

swallowtail angel female sm

engineer goby md

green mandarin goby lg

yellow watchman goby md

melanurus wrasse md

carpenter’s fairy wrass lg

diamond goby lg

green chromis md

yellowtail blue damsel md

two stripe damsel md

blue damsel md

red ruby scooter blenny sm

three strimp damel md

foxface sm

red coris wrasse adult md

blue eye bristletooth tange md

chocolate mimic tang lg

leopard wrasse md

sexy shrimp

harlequin shrimp md

red pistol shrimp lg

red hairy hermit crab md

banded cat shark md

hawaiian yellow tang xsm

rose bubble anemone lg

flame angel md/lg

golden angel

imperator angel md/lg

majestic angel md

multicolor angel md/lg

flametail blenny

ruby red scooter blenny md/lg

tailspot blenny

banner cardinal sm

springer’s damsel

talbot damsel

aiptasia eating filfish md/lg

amikami goby

bluestripe neon goby

fuzzy nut goby

green war paint clown goby md/lg

rainfordi goby md/lg

tiger wardi goby md/lg

twinspot goby

yasa hashe goby

masuda’s hogfish md

foxface sm

blue tang sm

chevron tang juv sm

clown tang md

eiblii tang md

lavender tang md

naso tang md

purple tang md

kole tang sm

niger trigger sm

christmas wrasse md

harlequin tusk md

male koi fairy wrasse

male naoko’s fairy wrasse

male tricolor fairy wrasse

orange leg hermit crab md/lg

red leg reef hermit

scarlett hermit

sea hare sm

star polyp md

cleaner shrimp sm

fire shrimp lg

peppermint shrimp

tiger pistol shrimp

astrea snail

cerith snail

mexican turbo snail

nassarius sand snail

zebra striped turbo snail

long spine urchin sm

pencil urchin

brown octopus sm

New Freshwater Arrivals!!!



A few new freshwater arrivals today that piggybacked in with the saltwater stuff!!!

red velvet sword

pineapple sword

bala shark lg

bala shark sm

amano shrimp

cherry shrimp

asst peacocks 3″

cardinal tetra lg

neon jewel cichlid xlg

tequila sunrise guppy male lg

silver red tuxedo guppy male lg

rainbow guppy male lg

snakeskin barb md