July 2016

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



New saltwater arrivals!!!

adult imperator angel lg

tiger conch md

male square anthias

female square anthias md

common stingray

powder blue tang md

bubble anemone lg

flame angel md/lg

coral beauty lg

eiblii angel md/lg

swallowtail angel md/lg

flame hawk md

mimic eiblii tang md

sailfin tang sm

bristle tail filefish md/lg

brown sea hare sm

pom pom crab

anemone crab

cleaner shrimp xlg

red leg hermit

nassarius snail xlg

lamark angel sm

eiblii angel sm/md
potter’s angel sm/md

regal angel md/lg

majestic angel adult sm/md

imperator angel md/lg

raccoon butterfly sm/md

copperband butterfly sm/md

copperband butterfly lg

kleins butterfly md

male bicolor blenny md

sleeper tiger goby md/lg

foxface sm

foxface lg

naso tang sm/md

blonde naso tang female sm/md

kole tang md

tricolor fairy wrasse

yellow coris wrasse md

snowflake eel md

green zoas lg

ultra maxima clam

asst acropora

false lemon peel angel

orange lemon peel angel

pigmy cherub angel

juv imperator angel sm

flame back angel sm

naso tang md

orange fin tomini tang md

yellow belly damsel

blue ribbon eel lg

chainlink eel

shark finned wrasse

banggai cardinal

black cap basslet

copperband butterfly md

clown yellow goby

firefish goby

tiger jawfish

twin spot goby

randalii goby

yellow rose goby

pantherfish sm

porcupine puffers md

clown tang md

bluejaw trigger male md

green bird wrasse sm/md

harlequin tusk lg

longnose hawkfish md

rose anemone sm

purple base green bulb anemonemd

bali red starfish

tuxedo urchin

astria snail

zebra turbo snail

flashing electric scallop

niger trigger lg

yellow mimic tang lg

green chromis md/lg

juv imperator angel md

green bubble anemone md

orange skunk clown lg

orange skunk clown md

chocolate mimic tang xlg

blue throat trigger male md/lg

swallowtail angel female sm

greenbird wrasse md/lg

neon velvet damsel md

leopard wrasse sm

red belly scorpionfish md

black leopard wrasse lg

sailfin tang sm

blue throat trigger female sm

bicolor angel md

melanurus wrasse md

yellow watchman goby md

sixline wrasse lg

coral beauty angel md

naso tang md

marble wrasse md

clown tang sm

scooter blenny lg

bar goby lg

green mandarin goby xlg

juv koran angel sm

maroon clown sm

maroon clown md

dragon sleeper goby lg

royalgramma sm

engineer goby md

diamond goby lg

condylactis pink tip anemone

cleaner wrasse md

juv imperator angel lg

hawaiian yellow tang md

red flower anemone

blue tang md

blue tang xlg

sailfin tang lg

adult imperator angel lg

New Freshwater Arrivals!!!



New freshwater arrivals!!!

betta female

male dumbo super delta betta lg

male halfmoon betta lg

male butterfly halfmoon betta lg

albino paradise gourami

black paradise gourami

green kissing gourami md

flame dwarf gourami

red paradise gourami

silver arowana

roseline shark

longfin rosy barb

odessa barb

tiger barb lg

golden zebra loach

hillstream butterfly loach

glass catfish

albino aeneus cory

julii cory md

panda cory

polkadot pictus cat

bristlenose pleco

blue eye lemon bristlenose pleco

gold nugget pleco L177 Iriri

fancy angel md

koi angel

asst aulonocara peacock md

jewel cichlid md

kribensis md

purple parrot lg

bolivian ram

german blue ram md

green severum

green terror md

peacock bass

red shoulder severum


albino tiger oscar md

asst longfin danio

zebra danio

fire eel

tiretrack eel md

yellowtail spiney eel

glofish danio blue, green, purple and orange

glofish tetra green and red

peacock gudgeon

bumblebee goby

dragon fish goby

asst oranda goldfish sm

celestial eye goldfish

red bubble eye goldfish

blue platy

gold mickey mouse platy md

green lantern platy md

red wag platy md

asst female delta guppy md

asst fancy guppy pair md

red blonde guppy md

green moscow guppy male md

yellow micariffe guppy male md

asst lyretail molly md

green swordtail

koi santa claus swordtail

african butterfly


dwarf freshwater bb puffer

figure eight puffer lg

leopard puffer lg

boesemani rainbow

dwarf kamaka rainbow md

emerald rainbow lg

millenium rainbow lg

yellow rainbow md

emerald eye rasbora

rasbora het

borneo sucker


siamese flying fox

bala shark md

rainbow shark

rainbow shark md

redtail shark

bleeding heart tetra

congo tetra md

diamond tetra

gold tetra

longfin serpae tetra

neon tetra

penguin tetra

serpae tetra

silvertip tetra

candy cane hy511 tetra

marble hatchet

silver hatchet

cherry red shrimp

amano algae eating shrimp

crystal red shrimp

electric blue crawfish

snowball shrimp

vanilla crawfish

yellow shrimp

blue velvet shrimp

red claw crab

dwarf orange mexican lobster

freshwater fiddler crab

black carbon shrimp

assassin snail

gold mystery snail

ivory mystery snail

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



Lots of new saltwater arrivals!!!

pink tip anemone

green chromis md

long tentacle anemone md

red coris wrasse adult md

foxface md/sm

blue eye bristletooth tang md

bicolor blenny md

racoon butterfly sm

dogface puffer md/sm

kleins butterfly md

red pistol shrimp lg

blue damsel md

yellowtail blue damsel md

domino damsel md

imperator angel juv sm

red tomato clown md

royalgramma md

yellow mimic tang md

powder blue tang md

orange shoulder tang adult lg

blue ribbon eel lg

zebra moray eel lg

imperator angel adult lg

blue tang md

volitan lionfish xlg

desjardini sailfin tang sm

tiger pistol shrimp

blonde naso tang md

clown tang md

hawaiian yellow tang md

fire shrimp lg

cleaner shrimp lg

majestic angel adult md

potters angel md

kleins butterfly md

yellow longnose butterfly md

true percula md

midas blenny md

bicolor blenny md

engineer goby md

signal goby md

antennata lionfish md

fuzzy dwarf lionfish md

magnificent foxface

sea hare

clown tang md

desjardini tang md

naso tang md

powder blue tang md

powder brown tang md

sailfin tang sm

kole tang md

blue jaw female trigger md

blue jaw male trigger md

blue spotted leopard wrasse md

harlequin tusk md

leopard wrasse md

shrimp goby sm

target mandarin md

unicorn tang sm

bali foxface sm

mystery 5 bar wrasse md

pintail fairy wrasse md

polleni grouper md

mccoskers flasher wrasse md

purple carpet anemone

trochus snail

venustus angel md

female lamarck angel sm

female watanabei angel md

female orange lyretail anthias md

red male yellow breast lyretail anthias md

panamic barnacle blenny

foureye butterfly md

painted reef butterfly md

blue reef chromis md

blue sapphire damsel md

green clown goby md

watchman diamond goby md

lemon clown goby md

freckle faced hawk md

blue dot toby puffer md

leopard toby puffer md

saddle valentini puffer md

pygmy red rooster waspfish sm

purple tang sm/md

puddingwife wrasse md

rock mexican rainbow wrasse md

exquisite wrasse pair md

twinspot wrasse juvenile lg

purple long tentacle anemone lg

green cabbage coral md

solid molten red australis sm

solid neon green australis sm

acan frag “cloverfield” sm

encrusting purple monti md

emerald crab

anemone crab

red & blue bullseye “superman” mushroom md

maxima clam

cerith snail

fighter conch

turban snail md

spiral top trochus snail

red banded pistol shrimp

red fromia starfish md

red brittle starfish md

black ocellaris sm

darwin ocellaris misbar sm

naked clownfish sm

snowflake ocellaris sm

davinci clownfish md

phantom clownfish sm

black ice clownfish sm

misbar percula clownfish md

flurry clownfish pair

davinci clownfish pair

lightning maroon clownfish pair

mochavinci clownfish lg

domino clownfish lg

midnight ocellaris lg

Small Freshwater Shipment!!!



New freshwater shipment is in!!!

male mustard gas halfmoon betta lg

blue gourami

gold gourami

opaline gourami

pink kissing gourami md

clown loach md

green scat

red scat

chaca chaca catfish lg

agassizi cory

hastatus pygmy cory

honeycomb tatia catfish

pleco md

pleco lg

purple parrot

electric blue jack dempsey

gambusia mosquito fish

sarassa comet lg

blue oranda

chocolate pom pom oranda

american flagfish md

butterfly koi md

asst female fancy guppy md

asst male guppy md

blue variegated delta guppy pair md

male lazerbeam guppy md

male black iridescent guppy md

neon tetra lg

amano algae eating shrimp

albino mystery snail