August 2016

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



New Saltwater Arrivals!!!

wyoming white clowns sm

flurry clowns sm

davinci clowns md

midnight clown md

domino clown md

snow onyx clown md

black photon clown md

maine blizzard clown sm

onyx clown md

morse code maroon clown sm

goldflake maroon clown md

ocellaris clown sm

black ocellaris clown sm

darwin ocellaris clown sm

orchid dottyback lg

neon dottyback lg

flurry clown pair

davinci clown pair

lightning maroon clown pair

ultra snowflake ocellaris clown pair

flagfin angel md

singapore angel md

zebra angel md

watanabei angel

halfmoon angel md

emperor angel juv lg

emperor angel juv md

gold bar maroon clown md/lg

geometric pygmy hawkfish

stars and stripes puffer md

yellow dogface puffer md

honeycomb puffer sm/md

valentini puffer sm

powder brown tang md/lg

clown trigger xsm

green bird wrasse md

dragon wrasse juv md

yellow thalasoma wrasse

coral beauty angel md

tailspot blenny

racoon butterfly md

copperband butterfly md

tangora shrimp goby

black stripe goby & shrimp

yasha goby

longnose hawk lg

clown tang md

sailfin tang md

lyretail anthias md

porcupine puffer sm/md

orange spotted goby sm

blue tang sm

banggai cardinal lg

allen’s damsel

kole tang md

yellow tang lg

black cap basslet

blue throat diamond goby md

lieutenant tang md/lg

blonde naso md

black fin trigger

red bubble tip anemone

blue knuckle hermit

cleaner shrimp lg

white sand star

feather duster

gold fiji toadstools


fireball angel lg

coral beauty angel md

eyebrow barnacle blenny md

blue reef chromis md

orange spot filefish md

signal goby md

lightning wrasse md

wounded wrasse md

yellow leather toadstool lg

orange open brain md

oulophylia md

green maze brain xlg

orange tongue md

green metallic torch md

green table acro md

blue tiny hermits

red tip hermits

scarlet hermits

king midas zoas md

purple dragon zoas md

wild maxima clams

trochus snail

peppermint shrimp

red brittle stars md

New Freshwater Arrivals!!!



New freshwater arrivals!!!

female crowntail betta lg

male dragonscale betta lg

male halfmoon betta lg

male halfmoon rosetail betta lg

male platinum white betta lg

male powder blue dwarf gourami

pygmy pumilus sparkling gourami

male peacock dwarf gourami

silver arowana

golden tinfoil barb

green tiger barb md

odessa barb

tiger barb lg

clown loach

clown loach md

kuhlii loach md

sumo loach

golden zebra loach

hillstream butterfly loach

green scat

moodactylus argenteus

red scat

agassizi cory md

metae cory md

panda cory

sterbai cory md

polkadot pictus catfish

albino gibbiceps pleco L165

bristlenose pleco L144a

albino bristlenose pleco

clown pleco L103

asst fancy angel

asst aulonocara peacock

cobalt blue zebra


turquoise jewel

purple parrot

purple parrot lg

electric blue jack dempsey sm

firemouth meeki md

geophagus brasiliensis

german blue ram md

gold german ram

green terror md

keyhole cichlid

peacockbass sm

colored red devil


albino tiger oscar md

longfin zebra danio

fire eel md

blue neon stiphodon goby

calico shubunkin md

sarassa comet

celestial eye goldfish

red bubble eye goldfish

red lionhead goldfish sm

asst oranda

american flagfish killie

golden wonder killie

clown knife md

asst fancy guppy female md

neon blue guppy male md

platinum guppy male md

redline endler’s livebearer md

black molly md

koi sanat claus swordtail

african butterfly


figure eight puffer lg

leopard puffer lg

emerald rainbow lg

threadfin rainbow md

espei rasbora

rasbora het

panda garra

siamese flying fox

bala shark

bleeding heart tetra

ember tetra

lemon tetra

neon tetra lg

penguin tetra

pristella tetra

silver dollar

african dwarf frog

cherry red shrimp

amano algae eating shrimp

blue velvet shrimp

dwarf orange mexican lobster

assasin snail

ivory mystery snail

tiger nerite snail

zebra nerite snail

asst axolotl

New Saltwater Shipment!!!



New saltwater arrivals!!!

orange lemon peel angel

pigmy cherub angel

flame back angel sm

unicorn tang md

blue damsel

snowflake eel sm

cleaner wrasse

scott’s fairy wrasse lg

banggai cardinal

flame hawkfish

copperband butterfly md

heniochus md

bicolor blenny


twin spot goby

diamond goby lg

tail spot blenny

panther grouper md

porcupine puffer md

stars and stripes puffer sm

niger trigger sm

timor wrasse

exquisite wrasse md

true percula clown md

green bulb anemone md

arrow crab lg

cleaner shrimp md

harlequin shrimp

bali red starfish

sand sifting starfish

tuxedo urchin

astria snail

New Coral Shipment!!!



New coral shipments today!!!

orange/yellow hammer md

metallic green hammer md

branch torch lg

bubble coral md

green bubble coral md

pagoda cup coral

metallic green trumpet coral md

orange plate md

green long tentacle plate md

horn coral md

brain coral

green brain coral md

orange/yellow brain md

green multi goniopora

green brain md

red brain md

green dome brain md

red dome brain md

red pipe organ

green giant cump mushroom md

special green clove polyp

green star polyps

green leather coral md

spotted starfish

green frogspawn md

branch torch md

clove polyp

long tentacle plate

asst sponges

sun polyps

asst zoas