September 2016

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



New Saltwater Arrivals!!!

many banded pipefish

cleaner shrimp sm

anemone crab

sebae anemone md

black ear wrasse juv.

Domino damsel md

coral beauty angel md

lyretail chromis md

carpenter’s fairy wrasse md

thress stripe damsel md

starry blenny md

green mandarin goby lg

orange spotted watchman goby md

dragon sleeper goby md

naso tang sm

naso tang md

foxface sm

green matted filefish sm

convict tang sm

racoon butterfly lg

green chromis md

red emperor snapper sm

black ocellaris clown md

panther grouper md

flame back angel sm

blue tang sm

naso tang md/lg

naso tang lg

flame angel md

yellow belly damsel

snowflacke eel md

marine betta md

shark finned wrasse

banggai cardinal

flame hawkfish


purple firefish

twin spot goby

midas blenny lg/xlg

diamond goby md

rainfordi goby

clown tang sm

bluejaw trigger md

pinktail trigger md/lg


blue leg hermit

harlequin shrimp

astria snail

dispar anthias md

zoster pyramid butterfly md

blue eyed cardinal md

pacific hermit crab

golden head sleeper goby md

yasha hasa goby/shrimp md

target mandarin md

nassarius snail

trochus snail

turbo snail

blue coral banded shrimp md

fire shrimp md

purple tang md

desjardini tang md

stars and stripes puffer md

fuzzy dwarf lionfish sm

New Freshwater Arrivals!!!



New freshwater arrivals!!!

rummy nose tetra

cardinal tetra marble hatchetfish


adonis pleco

xingu gold nugget pleco L018

royal pleco L191

lemon green pleco L200

blue phantom pleco L128

galaxy pleco

spotted queen arabesque pleco L262

colombian farlowella

pygmy cory

duplicareus cory

south american puffer

orange bushfish

polka dot synodontis

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



New saltwater arrivals coming in this afternoon

french angel md

pigmy angel

queen angel md

queen angel lg

queen angel show

rock beauty angel lg


chalk bass

spanish hog sm

porcupine puffer sm

porcupine puffer md/lg

blue tang sm

blue tang md/lg

blue chromis

neon goby

yellowhead jawfish

jack knifefish

scarlet redleg hermit

arrow crab

emerald crab

yellow gorgonian

coral banded shrimp

nassarius snail lg

astrea snail

tree sponge

ninja snail

Handpicked Saltwater Arrivals!!!



New hand picked saltwater arrivals!!!

pineapple trigger sm

geometric pygmy hawk sm

porcupine puffer xlg

yellow goatfish sm

blue tang xlg

moorish idol md

canary blenny md

midas blenny md

blonde naso tang md

orange tail imperator angel lg

banded dragon goby md

line glider md

cream angel md

radiant wrasse md

black ribbon eel md

blue ring annularis angel adult md

filamentous fairw wrasse md

flavo anthias md

purple queen sailfin lg

pinnatus batfish md

ventralis female md

borbonius anthias sm

firefish xlg

yasha hasa goby sm

bicolor angel sm

fugu puffer xlg

imperator angel juv sm

koran angel juv md

sailfin tang sm

engineer goby md

pajama cardinal md

cleaner wrasse md

green chromis md

pink skunk clown md

powder brown tang md

carpenters fairy wrasse md

yellow watchman goby md

randallas shrimp goby

scopas tang md

red pistol shrimp lg

anemone crab

many banded pipefish

red tomato clown sm

foxface sm

blue tang md/lg

common hermit crab md

cleaner shrimp md

banded cat shark sm

coral beauty angel

flame angel md

longnose butterfly lg


yellow watchman goby md

marine betta md

radiata lion md

volitan black lion md

chevron tang md

kole tang md

yellow tang

clown trigger sm/md

harlequin tusk md

flame hawk

white sebae anemone md

red crab

sally lightfoot crab

blue linkia star md

sand sifting starfish

asst urchin

hairy mushroom md

color zooanthis md

daisy polyps sm/md

green flower pot

green star polyps md

yellow polyps sm/md

metallic zoas sm

orange fungia w/green polyps sm

aussie orange lobo sm/md

aussie pink echino md

aussie metallic green duncan

metallic green torch

orange ricordia

metallic red zoas md

asst bullseye mushroom md

gold tip glove polyps

orange fungia

ultra symphyllia

ultra spiderman paly

ultra orange acan

metallic eagle eagle zoa

royal gramma sm

royal gramma md/lg

golden tiger blenny

starry blenny md/lg

starry blenny lg

saddleback butterfly md

speckled damsel

aiptasia eating filefish sm

twinspot goby

red banded pipefish

leopard puffer

striped dogface puffer sm

convict tang md/lg

naso tang sm

orange shoulder tang xxxxlg

powder brown tang xlg

tennenti tang md/lg

blueline trigger md

clown fairy wrasse md/lg

dragon wrasse sm

green bird wrasse xlg

red fin fairy wrasse md

red margin fairy wrasse md/lg

scott’s wrasse lg

sixline wrasse md

warpaint scoly

super orange mushroom

super red trachy

ultra red trachy

super echinata

torch coral md

finger leather sm

umbrella leather md

green mushroom md/lg

green mushroom lg

green zoas

double tile star

green alveopora

metallic green maze

neon goniastrea

blue/green maxima clams

red/orange ricordea

green velvet rhodactis

bright green zoa

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



New saltwater arrivals!!!

kole tang md

blonde naso tang female sm

mexican turbo snail

lawnmower blenny md

bicolor dottyback

sally lightfoot crab

black tang md

flame angel md

potter’s angel md/lg

yellow watchman goby sm

bicolor blenny male md

carberry anthias

yellow tang sm

yellow tang md/lg

sailfin tang sm

naso tang male w/streamers xlg

blonde naso tang w/streamers xxlg

tomini tang sm

kole tang md/lg

brown sea hare md

bubble anemone lg

melas angel md/lg

yellow angel md

lamark angel md/lg

lemonpeel angel lg

pygmy flameback angel sm

flagfin angel adult md/lg

majestic angel adult sm

squamipinis anthias

yellow belly damsel

green mandarin goby md

diamond sleeper goby sm

golden head sleeper goby xlg

white sleeper goby md

tiger wardi sleeper goby sm

dwarf lionfish md/lg

bursa trigger md

bluejaw trigger female md

bluejaw trigger male md

bluejaw trigger male xlg

clown tang md

exquisite fairy wrasse

red margin fairy wrasse lg

temminckii fairy wrasse md/lg

white mouth moray eel md

hairy green mushroom lg

green wellso brain lg

New Freshwater Arrivals!!!



New freshwater arrivals!!!

male betta lg

male dumbo super delta betta lg

male halfmoon betta lg

albino paradise gourami

blue paradise gourami

moonlight gourami

opaline gourami

platinum gourami

jardini arowana lg

black ruby barb

roseline shark

odessa barb

veiltailcherry barb

melon barb

clown loach

gold dojo loach

kuhlii loach md

striata botia

sumo loach

yoyo botia

hillstream butterfly loach

freshwater flounder

red scat

silver scat

agassizi cory md

albino aeneus cory

green aeneus cory

paleatus cory

panda cory

skunk cory md

porthole catfish

bristlenose pleco L144a


pleco md/lg

pleco xlg

clown pleco L103

spotted albinus rubber pleco

asst fancy angel

asst fancy angel md

asst aulonocara peacock lg

purple king kong parrot

purple king kong parrot lg

chocolate cichlid

festae red terror sm

festivum cichlid

green terror xlg

keyhole cichlid

pike cichlid

electric blue acara

albino tiger oscar md/sm

red oscar md/sm

asst longfin danio

celestial pearl danio

gold zebra danio

zebra danio

fire eel

fire eel lg

snowflake freshwater moray eel lg

tiretrack eel

yellowtail spiney eel

peacock gudgeon

bumblebee goby

dragon fish goby

blue neon stiphodon goby male

asst fantail goldfish md/sm

sarassa comet goldfish

asst oranda goldfish

black lionhead goldfish md

black oranda glofish md

calico telescope goldfish

chocolate pom pom oranda

panda butterfly telescope goldfish

pearlscale goldfish

red telescope goldfish

black ghost knife tank raised

bumblebee platy

green lantern platy md

white mickey mouse platy md

asst fancy guppy pair md

neon blue guppy male md

red blonde tuxedo guppy male md

tequila sunrise guppy male md

red tuxedo guppy pair md

asst cobra delta guppy male md

asst delta guppy male pair md

full red albino guppy male md

black lyretail molly md

dalmatian lyretail molly md

marble lyretail molly md

asst lyretail swordtail

koi santa claus swordtail

african butterfly

scarlet badis

redtail hemiodus

pink tail chalceus

elephant nose md


figure eight puffer lg

emerald rainbow lg

madagascar rainbow

millennium rainbow lg

neon rainbow md

new guinea rainbow lg

threadfin rainbow md

brilliant rasbora

chili rasbora

espei rasbora

rasbora het florida

chinese algae eater md


siamese flying fox

blackfin shark

rainbow shark md

black neon tetra

black phantom tetra

black skirt tetra

bloodfin tetra

congo tetra md

congo tetra lg

diamond tetra

gold tetra

neon tetra lg

red and blue colombian tetra

serpae tetra

white cloud

cnady cane HY511 tetra

green neon tetra wild

albino african clawed frog

cherry red shrimp

electric blue crawfish

amano algae eating shrimp

vanilla crawfish

red claw crab

dwarf orange mexican lobster

black crystal shrimp

black carbon shrimp

red tiger bee shrimp

nerite snail

gold asian freshwater clam

New Saltwater Arrivals!!!



New saltwater arrivals!!!

melanurus wrasse lg

leopard wrasse md

leopard wrasse lg

starry blenny md

scooter blenny lg

imperator angel juv md

paddlefin wrasse md

domino damsel md

coral beauty angel md

azure damsel

doctorfish tang md

stars and stripes puffer md/lg

hawaiian striped squirrel md

foxface sm

pacific pygmy angel sm

bicolor dottyback

lawnmower blenny sm

banggai cardinal lg

red stripe squirrelfish sm

red big eye squirrelfish sm

sally lightfoot crab

purple lobster md

chocolate chip starfish lg

panther grouper md

niger trigger sm

flame angel md

pearly jawfish

yellow watchman goby md

red ruby scooter blenny sm

clown tang sm

sixline wrasse

asst fairy wrasse

temminckii fairy wrasse xlg

bartlett’s anthias md

tr tomator clown md

coral beauty angel sm

blue squamipinis anthias md

dispar anthias md

brown sea hare md

arrow crab sm

candy striped pistol shrimp

tiger pistol shrimp

green emerald crab

peppermint shrimp

halloween hermit crab

blue leg hermit

scarlet reef hermit

nassarius snail xlg

astrea snail

pink condylactus anemone

purple condylactus anemone
raccoon butterfly md

copperband butterfly md/lg

3 stripe damsel

blue damsel lg

bicolor blenny md

yellowtail blenny

smith blenny

starry blenny md

twinspot signal goby md

green mandarin goby md

diamond sleeper goby md/lg

dwarf lionfish md

porcupine puffer sm

sharpnose whitespot puffer md

bristle tail filefish md

desjardini sailfin tang sm

naso tang sm

vlamingii tang sm

eightline wrasse md

twelveline wrasse sm/md

yellow coris wrasse sm/md

snowflake eel md

banded pipefish

fromia starfish

cleaner shrimp

rings of ice zoas