New saltwater arrivals!!!

melanurus wrasse lg

leopard wrasse md

leopard wrasse lg

starry blenny md

scooter blenny lg

imperator angel juv md

paddlefin wrasse md

domino damsel md

coral beauty angel md

azure damsel

doctorfish tang md

stars and stripes puffer md/lg

hawaiian striped squirrel md

foxface sm

pacific pygmy angel sm

bicolor dottyback

lawnmower blenny sm

banggai cardinal lg

red stripe squirrelfish sm

red big eye squirrelfish sm

sally lightfoot crab

purple lobster md

chocolate chip starfish lg

panther grouper md

niger trigger sm

flame angel md

pearly jawfish

yellow watchman goby md

red ruby scooter blenny sm

clown tang sm

sixline wrasse

asst fairy wrasse

temminckii fairy wrasse xlg

bartlett’s anthias md

tr tomator clown md

coral beauty angel sm

blue squamipinis anthias md

dispar anthias md

brown sea hare md

arrow crab sm

candy striped pistol shrimp

tiger pistol shrimp

green emerald crab

peppermint shrimp

halloween hermit crab

blue leg hermit

scarlet reef hermit

nassarius snail xlg

astrea snail

pink condylactus anemone

purple condylactus anemone
raccoon butterfly md

copperband butterfly md/lg

3 stripe damsel

blue damsel lg

bicolor blenny md

yellowtail blenny

smith blenny

starry blenny md

twinspot signal goby md

green mandarin goby md

diamond sleeper goby md/lg

dwarf lionfish md

porcupine puffer sm

sharpnose whitespot puffer md

bristle tail filefish md

desjardini sailfin tang sm

naso tang sm

vlamingii tang sm

eightline wrasse md

twelveline wrasse sm/md

yellow coris wrasse sm/md

snowflake eel md

banded pipefish

fromia starfish

cleaner shrimp

rings of ice zoas