The first shipments of 2016 have started to roll in. Thanks to everyone who came out for the big year end sale we’ve got a lot to restock.

Coral beauty angel
blue tang t/r
yellow tang
flame angel sm/md
snowflake eel sm
kole tang md
shark finned wrasse
diamond goby md
goldhead sleeper md
griessingeri goby
red dragonet blenny
harlequin tusk lg
swales candy basslet
astria snail
fox coral md
tiger wardi goby md
coral beauty angel sm
false christmas wrasse md
gold head sleeper md
melanurus wrasse md
diamond goby sm
anemone shrimp
green chromis md
anemone crab
royal gramma md
porcupine puffer md/lg
porcupine puffer sm
yellow angel md
pinktail trigger md
temminks fairy wrasse lg
leopard wrasse md
dogface puffer lg
green matted filefish sm
lawnmower blenny md
black volitan lionfish sm
blue tang md/sm
pyramid snail
peppermint shrimp md
banded cat shark sm
cleaner shrimp lg
magnificent foxface md
red leg hermits
desjardini sailfin tang sm
coral beauty angel md
dispar anthias md
singapore angel md
lawnmower blenny md/lg
rainfordi goby
white sleeper goby md
naso tang lg
blonde naso tang w/streamers md
asst. Fairy wrasse
melanurus wrasse md/lg
dogface puffer sm
tuxedo urchin
black longspine urchin sm
blue linkia starfish lg
brown sea hare sm
green emerald crab
blue mushroom sm
ultra maxima clam
bicolor angel md
midnight angel md/lg
eiblii angel md/log
lemonpeel angel sm
pygmy angel sm
copperband butterfly sm
kleins butterfly md
yellow belly damsel
male bicolor blenny md
starry blenny lg
twinspot signal goby md/lg
scissortail goby md
dragon sleeper goby lg
panther grouper md
stars and stripes puffer sm
sharpnose orange puffer md
moorish idol md
foxface md
female blonde naso tang sm
blue tang sm
powder blue tang sm
two spot candy hogfish md
red/black linkia starfish sm
purple tip sebae anemond md/lg
green metallic zoas md/lg

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