Big freshwater shipment waiting to be picked up at the airport. Some nice stuff coming! There is also a little bit of saltwater at the end of the list as well.

Female betta

crowntail female betta

male betta lg

black orchid crowntail betta lg

crowntail betta lg

dragonscale betta lg

dumbo super delta betta lg

halfmoon betta lg

albino paradise gourami

blue gourami md

blue paradise gourami

gold gourami

lavender gourami md

flame dwarf gourami

opaline gourami

pink kissing gourami

red paradise gourami

sunset thicklip gourami

red honey gourami

golden tinfoil barb

green tiger barb md

tiger barb md

clown loach

clown loach md

dojo loach

queen dario botia

skunk botia

yo-yo botia

archer fish md

monodactylus argenteus t/r md

red scat

red scat md

agassizi cory md

green aeneus cory

julii cory md

metae cory md

paleatus cory

panda cory

loxozonus cory md

black aeneus cory


blue eye lemon bristlenose pleco L144a

sunshine bristlenose pleco

gold nugget iriri pleco L177

orange seam xingu pleco L081

rhino pleco

synodontis petricola catfish sm

aulonocara peacock md

orange blotched peacock md

sweden F1 labidochromis hongi

strawberry peacock md

blood parrot

purple parrot

red chromide

purple king kong parrot

jack dempsey

electric blue jack dempsey

festivum md

geophagus surinamensis md/sm

german blue ram md

peacock bass

pike cichlid md

red spot gold severum

electric blue acara

balloon electric blue ram

longfin danio

giant danio

zebra danio

fire eel

freshwater snowflake eel

all colors and types of glofish

marble goby

red fantail goldfish

celestial eye goldfish

chocolate pom pom oranda goldfish

panda butterfly telescope goldfish sm

red and white ryukin goldfish

red bubble eye goldfish

red telescope goldfish

clown knife md

mickey mouse platy md

gold twinbar platy md

green lantern platy md

red wag platy md

24-karat tuxedo platy

assorted fancy guppies

red delta guppy pair md

black lyretail molly md

dalmatian lyretail molly md

marble lyretail molly md

marble molly

neon butterfly lyretail balloon molly

silver lyretail molly md

tangerine lyretail molly

gold panda molly

green swordtail

koi santa claus swordtail

redtail black variatus

african butterly

scarlet badis

dwarf freshwater bb puffer

figure eight puffer lg

leopard puffer lg

goyder river rainbow

neon rainbow md

yellow rainbow md

emerald eye rasbora

espei rasbora

rasbora het

chinese algae eater md

gold algae eater


bala shark md & md/lg

rainbow shark md

redtail shark md

gold pristella tetra

black neon tetra

black skirt tetra

bloodfin tetra

congo tetra lg

longfin black skirt tetra

longfin serpae tetra

neon tetra lg

white fin rosy tetra

marble hatchet

silver hatchet md

african dwarf frog

cherry red shrimp

blue velvet shrimp

red claw crab

dwarf orange mexican lobster

carbon rili shrimp

fiddler crab

black carbon shrimp

assassin snail

olive nerite snail sm

tiger nerite snail

flag fin angel

regal angel md

swale’s basslet sm

lawn mower blenny md

mother dragonette md

blue damsel

tiger sleeper goby md

purple tang lg

naso tang md

wartskin frogfish sm

frogfish md

emperor snapper md

red mushroom rock sm

green button polyps md

pink sand polyps md

green leather coral sm

green pearl coral md

blastomussa coral md

orange sun polyps lg

asst axolotl

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