Huge coral shipment being picked up at the airport right now. Should be out by 1pm or so.

Cultured aussie acan
big pipe blastomussa
cultured elegance coral
cultured candy cane coral 1-2 heads
cultured cyphastrea meteor shower
duncans 2 head
cultured echinophora 1-1.5″
cultured branch hammer
cultured branch frogspawn
cultured war coral
cultured dragon soul
cultured leptastrea
cultured mystic sunset
yuma recordea
cultured star polyp
cultured colored zoa
maricultured neon green wall hammer
maricultured gold/orange wall hammer
maricultured pokerstar montipora
maricultured superman montipora
australomussa rowleyensis
big pipe blastomussa
elegance coral
elegance coral lg
trumpet/candy cane coral
green/purple tips wall hammer
wall frogspawn
euphyllia yaeyamaensis branching coral
christmas favia brain
ultra favites brain
long tentacle plate
multi-color lobophyllia
orange lobophyllia
bubble coral
sun coral
yellow/green wellso
red chili coral
blue mushroom
metallic red mushroom
elephant ear mushroom
aussie highlighter yellow branch hammer
prism favites
green/purple favites
blue knuckle hermit crab
halloween hermit crab
astereopora sp
maricultured mystic montipora
torch coral
aussie cultured acan
rainbow acan
b grade acan
a grade acan
ultra acan
duncan coral
bubble coral
blue mushroom
bubble tip anemone
maricultured chalice coral
banggai cardinal lg
neon allens damsel md
blue damsel md
engineer goby md
golden head sleeper goby m/s
starry blenny md
quoy’s parrot
red psychedelic mandarin lg
male blue throat trigger sm/md

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