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Huge freshwater shipment just arrived! If you’ve been waiting for something we probably now have it.

Male betta lg

male black orchid crowntail betta lg

male dragonscale crowntail betta lg

male platinum white betta

albino paradise gourami

gold gourami

gold osphronemus gourami md

male fancy dwarf gourami

opaline gourami

pearl leeri gourami

platinum gourami

pygmy pumilus sparkling gourami

silver arowana md

albino cherry barb

albino tiger barg

black ruby barb

cherry barb

green tiger barb md

longfin rosy barb

tiger barb md

red side barb

clown loach

striata botia md

sumo loach

yoyo lohachata botia

royal clown loach md

hillstream butterfly loach

asian needlenose gar

green scat

red scat md

albino aeneus cory

julii cory md

metae cory md

panda cory

sterbai cory t/r md

adolphi cory t/r md

loxozonus cory md

banjo catfish

bumblebee catfish

polkadot pictus catfish

farlowella catfish

bristlenose pleco L144a

albino bristlenose pleco

spiney devil pleco L024 xlg

clown pleco L103

golden pleco L014 xlg

green phantom pleco L200 md

royal pleco L191

tiger pleco L002 md

white spot pleco LDA33

golden vampire pleco L172a lg

synodontis clarias catfish

asst. Veil angel

asst. Fancy angel sm/md

zebra blue angel

orange blotched peacock

albino labeotropheus fuelleborni

flowerhorn cichlid

purple king kong parrot

balloon blue ram

checkerboard cichlid

jack dempsey cichlid md

jack dempsey cichlid lg

dovii cichlid

electric blue jack dempsey sm

festivum sm/md

firemouth meeki

german blue ram

german blue ram md

green severum

green terror md

keyhole cichlid

peacock bass

colored red devil

salvini cichlid md

texas cichlid md

electric blue acara

albino tiger oscar sm/md

giant danio

longin gold zebra danio

zebra danio

celestial danio

red glofish tetra

sleeper goby md

peacock gudgeon

dragon fish goby

marble goby

red fantail goldfish sm/md

red fantail goldfish md

calico bubble eye goldfish

celestial eye goldfish

red cap oranda

red telescope goldfish

black ghost knife md

dawn platy md

red tiger platy md

24karat tuxedo platy md

red blonde tuxedo guppy male md

tequila sunrise guppy male md

asst. Guppy male md

blue delta guppy pair md

yellow micariffe guppy male md

platinum guppy male md

black lyretail molly md

creamsicle lyretail balloon molly

red sunset sailfin molly md

silver lyretail molly md

tangerine lyretail molly md

asst swordtail

painted variatus

elephant nose

dwarf freshwater bb puffer

figure eight puffer lg

leopard puffer lg

boesemani rainbow

boesemani rainbow

dwarf kamaka rainbow md

neon rainbow md

new guinea rainbow lg

turquoise rainbow

yellow rainbow md

espei rasbora

rasbora het

dwarf emeral rasbora


siamese flying fox

bala shark md

blackfin shark

rainbow shark md

rainbow shark lg

redtail shark md

black neon tetra

black phantom tetra

ember tetra

glolite tetra lg

gold tetra

head and tail lite tetra

lemon tetra

longfin serpae tetra

longfin white skirt tetra

neon tetra lg

penguin tetra

serpae tetra

silvertip tetra

white fin rosy tetra

green neon tetra wild md

silver hatchet md

african dwarf frog

amano algae eating shrimp

red claw crab

dwarf orange mexican lobster

freshwater fiddler crab

tiger nerite snail

zebra nerite snail

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