Todays coral shipment has also arrived. Here’s the rundown.

Green pearl coral metallic md
green candy cane metallic md
green wall hammer sm
green wall hammer md
metallic green wall hammer md/lg
green cultured torch coral sm
green metallic torch coral sm
purple tip elegance coral sm
pink tip elegance coral sm
green metallic favia md
green heliofungia lg
green metallic heliofungia lg
green metallic pagoda md
purple goniopora md
green metallic bullseye mushroom md
green metallic mushroom md
orange and blue ricordia
red/orange carnation coral md
red chili coral md
orange tip metallic green glove polyps md
green pipe organ coral md
colt coral lg
red/pink metallic zoas
ultra green branch duncan md
grade A ultra acan sm
yellow/gold toxic branch hammer 3 heads
peach/orange hammer md
orange/green metallic lobophyllia
bleeding apple scolymia

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