Tuesday fish shipments have started to arrive. I believe there is a total of 3 today so they will all come in separate lists.

Long tentacle green anemone md
sebae white purple tip anemone md
bicolor angel md
blue face angel juv md
golden pygmy angel md
imperator angel yellow tail lg
red coral beauty md
male lyretail anthias md
dispar anthias md
female squareback anthias ml
male purple squareback anthias md
orange tail toby puffer md
marble cat shark sm
marble cat shark egg
fire shrimp md
male blonde naso tang with streamers lg
purple tang md
sailfin tang sm
cleaner wrasse md
pygmy possum wrasse md
court jester rainfordi goby md
hectori goby md
randalls prawn goby md
red lyretail hawkfish md
fuzzy dwarf lionfish md
honeycomb rabbitfish lg
canary blenny md
heniochus md
brown heniochus md
racoon butterfly sm
yellow longnose butterfly md
cleaner shrimp md
harlequin tusk wrasse sm
potters angel sm

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