Some new arrivals to the store this morning!

Melanurus wrass md
carpenter’s fairy wrasse lg
golden head sleeper goby md
yellow watchman goby md
green mandarin goby md
dragon sleeper goby md
bicolor angel md
porcupine puffer md/lg
anemone shrimp
harlequin shrimp md
red pistol shrimp lg
catshark egg
arrow crab lg
anemone crab
common hermit crab lg
blueline trigger md
palythoa rainbow
palythoa armor of god md
zoa bright md
silk red coral md
acan super green md
lobphyllia red md
pagoda colony md
plate fungia orange
plate fungea orange ring A-grade

Fresh water

silver arowana md/lg
koi tricolor swords lg
flying fox
reticulated hillstream loach
otocinclus cat
gold gourami
powder blue dwarf gourami
clown loach md
julii cory
special pattern veil angel sm
marble veil angel sm
roseline sharks 2.5″
striata botia

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