We’ve got several new shipments arriving today and they are packed with some really nice things!

Starcki damsel md

dwarf fuzzy lion md

lubbocks fairy wrasse md

antenna goby sm

yellow coris wrasse md

swalesi basslet sm

queen angel md

coral beauty angel md

fireball angel md

cuban hog lg

lime green wrasse lg

lieutenant tang lg

blonde naso tang lg

stripped puffer sm

sailfin tang md

yellow eye tang md

wellsophyllia md

orange tubestraea sm

colored lobophyllia md

carpet lobophyllia sm

fungia coral sm

australia acropora sm

green wall hammer md

green trachyphyllia sm

bubble coral md

green star polyp sm

devils hand leather sm

green eye cup md

green plate md

fancy mushroom lg

elegance coral lg

clove polyp sm

red favia brain md

ultra zoas md

fancy rhodactus mushroom sm

green hairy mushroom md

cultured bali acropora md

colored chalice sm

green ultra wall hammer md

red fromia starfish sm

red fromia starfish md

tuxedo urchin sm

sand sifting starfish sm

orange tube anemone sm

black zoster butterfly

passer angel md

yellow tail poma angel

marine betta md

flame hawkfish

copperband butterfly md

racoon butterfly md


purple firefish

red scooter blenny

chevron tang sm

powder brown tang lg

bluejaw trigger male lg

niger trigger md

harlequin tusk md

filament fin wrasse

lineatus wrasse md

pajama cardinal lg/xlg

foxface md

foxface lg

moorish idol md

green bubble anemone md

rose anemone

purple base green bubble anemone md

red tip hermit crab

scarlet hermit crab

bali red starfish

red coco worm

blue spot sea hare

green knucklebone coral

yellow cup coral md

red mushroom md

blue mushroom md

yellow polyps

aus. Dendrophyllia

aus elegance coral sm

bright red mushrooms

purple death palys

rainbow golden eye chalice

neon orange clove polyps

tyree war coral

blue pinwheel zoas

wwc grafted cap

jf slow burn/toxic creep zoas

ponape montipora sm

ponape montipora lg

rainbow hornet zoa

st thomas mushroom

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