Second saltwater shipment of the day is in! Lots of nice stuff!

Blue koran angel sm

navarchus angel md

pigmy cherub angel

masked swallowtail angel male

bicolor angel

coral beauty angel

flame back angel sm

naso tang sm

orange fin tomini tang md

yellow belly damsel

powder blue tang md

kole tang md

christmas wrasse true sm/md

orange back fairy wrasse male

banggai cardinal

copperband butterflymd

longnose butterfly md

pearlscale butterfly md

racoon butterfly md

allardi clown sm


purple firefish

pearly jawfish sm/md

green mandarin goby xlg

twin spot goby

randalii goby

midas blenny lg/xlg

tangaroa goby

rainfori goby

yellow rose goby

riger shrimp goby

starry blenny

griessingeri goby

red scooter blenny

dogface puffer md

clown tang md

orange shoulder tang lg

powder brown tang md

sailfin tang md

bluejaw trigger

bluejaw trigger md

huma trigger sm

harlequin tusk lg

exquisity wrasse

possum wrasse

longnose hawkfish md

tropical flounder sm/md

pepperming hog md


rose anemone sm

horseshoe crab sm/md

sally lightfoot crab

red tip hermit

cleaner shrimp md

red banded pistol shrimp

bali red starfish

tuxedo urchin

turbo snail

astria snail

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