Second fish shipment of the day is also on its way back from the airport!

Annularis angel md
annularis angel md/lg
multicolor angel sm
multicolor angel md
swalesi basslet
golden midas blenny md/lg
ruby red dragonette md
copperband butterfly sm
diamond goby lg
helfrich’s firefish
purple firefish md
yellow clown goby
flame hawk md/lg
masuda’s hogfish md/lg
blonde naso tang sm
metallic foxface md/lg
foxface sm
dogface puffer md
powder blue tang sm
purple tang md
yellow eye kole tang md
yellow tang sm
male bluejaw trigger md
cleaner shrimp md/lg
harlequin shrimp sm
astrea snail
mexican turbo snail
nassarius snail lg
nassarius snail xlg
brown octopus sm

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