We’ve got 2 shipments coming in today. One will be here before noon and the other will be here around 3. They are both posted here, but I will separate them by shipment so you know what’s here and when.

Early shipment

Green mandarin goby md

purple pseudochromis md

dusky jawfish md

green chromis md

four stripe damsel md

blue tang md/lg

blue tang lg

foxface sm

koran angel juv. Md

bicolor angel md

dogface puffer md/sm

swallowtail angel female md

diamond goby lg

niger trigger md

coral beauty angel sm

palawan percula clown md

dragon wrasse juv. Sm

orange back fairy wrasse lg

black volitan lionfish md

white tail wrasse md

twin spot goby md

leopard wrasse sm

domino damsel md

bangai cardinal md

greenbird wrasse md/lg

yellow mimic tang md

green matted filefish sm

green matted filefish md

target mandarin goby md

yellow watchman goby md

anemone shrimp

sailfin tang md/sm

red hairy hermit crab md

sixline wrasse md

royalgramma md

colored cake urchin md

fire shrimp md

pink tip anemone

green bubble anemone md

melanurus wrasse md

green chromis lg

black leopard wrasse sm

hifin snapper male xl

clown trigger md

blue face angel adult md

cross chromis

powder blue tang sm

marine betta sm

watanebe angel female

harlequin tusk md/lg

yasha goby lg

rose bubble anemone sm

nassarius snail lg

peppermint shrimp md

blue xenia frags

pink pom pom xenia frags

Late shipment

cream angel md

coral beauty angel md

flameback angel md

annularis angel md

koran angel sm

lemon peel angel lg

dispar anthias

orange lyretail anthias female

purple queen anthias

klausewitz’s blenny md

midas blenny md

eyebrow barnacle blenny md

two spot bimaculatus blenny md

copperband butterfly md

ochre striped cardinal md

pajama cardinal md

blue reef chromis lg

yellow goatfish lg

engineer goby md

blue gudgeon goby lg

flame hawk md

fuzzy dwarf lionfish sm

zebra dwarf lionfish lg

mccosker wrasse

powder blue tang

juv achilles tang md

convict tang md

lieutenant tang md/lg

powder blue tang sm

kole tang md

yellow tang sm

hooded fairy wrasse

leopard wrasse female md

mccosker’s flasher wrasse male md

mexican rock rainbow wrasse

purple long tentacle anemone

octopus md

chili coral md

yellow toadstool leather md

orange yellow leather md

pink/purple tip elegance md

yellow/green neon maze md

bubble coral lg

fluorescent horn coral md

orange maldivensis lg

emerald crab

zebra hermit crab

halloween hermit crab

red tip hermit crab

antler staghorn hermit

3″ derasa clam

fire shrimp

cleaner shrimp

maxima clam

conehead algae eating snail

top crown snail

conch fighter snail

margarite snail

trochus snail

zebra turbo snail

fire shrimp md

cleaner shrimp lg

red tip starfish md

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