The annual sale is here and we have stocked up as usual! I’m going to split saltwater and freshwater since there is so much to list.

Melanurus wrasse md
pink spotted watchman goby lg
green matted filefish md
red flasher wrasse male md
gold head sleeper goby lg
coral beauty angel md
green mandarin goby lg
green bird wrasse md/lg
diamond goby md
dragon sleeper goby lg
tiger wardi goby md
golden spotted scorpionfish
dogface puffer md/lg
green chromis md
blue damsel md
purple sebae anemone
green long tentacle anemone md
long tentacle anemone md
green carpet anemone sm
catshark egg
royalgramma md
velvet tuxedo urchin sm
marine betta md
sailfin tang md
blue tang md/sm
orange shoulder tang adult md/lg
zebra moray lg
chocolate mimic tang lg
fire shrimp lg
marble cat shark sm
pink pom pom xenia frags
hawaiian blue throat trigger male lg
miniatus grouper md/lg
blue spot stingray lg
dragons breath
special colored zoas
elephant ear green mushroom lg
red spotted mushroom
bright green branching hammer
green frogspawn
gold torch
rainbow goniopora frag lg
alveopora frag
neon green long tentacle plate sm
black ice clowns sm
ocellaris clowns
black ocellaris clowns (darwin) sm
neon dottyback lg
wyoming white clownfish pair
spotcinctus clownfish pair
domino clownfish pair
orchid dottyback pair
long tentacle plate md
orange eye zoa md
purple tang md
sunburst anthias md
yellow torch md/lg
super green carpet anemone md
ultra maxima clam lg
green carpet anemone
pygmy cherub angel md
lyretail anthias male md
ring tail cardinal md
jumbo green chromis lg
red ruby scooter blenny md
tangaroa shrimp goby md
wheeleri shrimp goby md
tiger watchman goby md
panther grouper md
clown sweetlips md
black volitan lion lg
black volitan lion md
bicolor foxface md
magnificent foxface md
porcupine puffer md
black snapper md
desjardini tang md/lg
naso tang md
blonde naso tang md
yellow mimic tang md
yellow tang sm
humu humu trigger sm
niger trigger lg
cleaner wrasse md
male exquisite fairy wrasse md
lubbock fairy wrasse
green bird wrasse md
harlequin tusk sm
radiant wrasse md
mccosker’s flasher wrasse md
zebra turbo snail
flameback angel md
leopard wrasse md
firefish goby
bumblebee goby
diana’s hog sm
green mandarin goby xl
black cap basslet
banggai cardinal
yellow tang md
powder blue tang md
sailfin tang sm
dispar anthias md
clown tang sm
pottters wrasse sm
eiblii angel md/lg
female bellus angel md
juv imperator angel sm
juv imperator angel md/lg
adult majestic angel sm
male bicolor blenny
bluespot jawfish
bristle tail filefish sm
blonde naso tang w/streamers md
blue unicorn tang md/lg
x-mas wrasse md
raccoon butterfly md
common stingray
female square anthias md
male square anthias
halloween hermit crab
red leg hermit
left hand zebra hermit
pink margarita snail
nassarius snail
green star polyp lg
bubble coral lg
midnight angel md
potter’s angel sm
flame angel md
blueface angel (changing) md/lg
pakistan butterfly md
talbot damsel
yellow belly damsel
twinspot signal goby md/lg
engineer goby md
miniatus grouper md/lg
clown grouper md/lg
green zoas lg
black trigger md/lg
desjardini tang md/lg
kole tang md
adult red coris wrasse lg
snowflake eel sm
bluespot stingray
blue linkia starfish md
blue koran angel lg
flame back angel sm
blue tang t/r
naso tang md
blue damsel
green chromis
yellowtail blue damsel
allen’s damsel
springeri damsel
chainlink eel
snowflake eel sm
banggai cardinal
blame hawkfish
copperband butterfly md
yellow clown goby
purple firefish
yellow watchman goby md
lawnmower blenny sm/md
midan blenny lg/xlg
starry blenny
black volitan lion md
red volitan lion lg
blue spotted puffer
starry trigger md
harlequin tusk md
harlequin tusk lg
six line wrasse
green bubble anemone md
rose anemone sm
purple /green bubble anemone md
cleaner shrimp md
harlequin shrimp
super cultured acropora
green hydnophora
royalgramma sm/md
sand sifting starfish

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