Trying to get caught up on the past few days shipments. Only 2 to catch up on so should be nice and quick.

Eibli angel

coral beauty angel

bicolor angel sm/md

allen’s damsel

springeri damsel

kole tang (haw) md

shark finned wrasse

banggai cardinal

copperband butterfly md

pearlscale butterfly md

racoon butterfly md

purple firefish

citron goby

starry blenny

pantherfish md

convict tang md

bluejaw trigger female

bluejaw trigger male md

yellow coris wrasse

blue linkia star md

urchin tuxedo

urchin pencil

condylactis pink tip anemone

black & white heniochus md

royal gramma md

two stripe damsel md

yellowtail blue damsel md

chain link moray eel sm

bluespot watchman goby ml

powder brown tang md

yellow canary blenny md

copperband butterfly sm

common hermit crab sm

red emperor snapper sm

bullseye jawfish md

melanurus wrasse md

tiger pistol shrimp

peppermint shrimp md

redleg cortez hermit

caribbean blue neon goby

emerald crab md

nassarius snail lg

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