We are at the airport picking up a few shipments of saltwater fish. They should be out on display by lunch.

Twinspot signal goby

majestic angel adult sm

squamipinis anthias

red leg hermit

cleaner shrimp lg

firefish goby

lawnmower blenny sm

banggai cardinal md

green chromis md/lg

blue damsel lg

bristle-tail filefish md

diana’s hogfish sm

sleeper dragon goby md

bicolor male blenny

bicolor dottyback

hippo tang sm

green serpent starfish lg

mexican turbo snail

fire shrimp lg

dispar anthias md

snowflake eel sm

diadema pseudochromis

strawberry pseudochromis

flame angel md

potter’s angel sm

bicolor angel sm

rainfordi goby

green mandarin goby md/lg

sixline wrasse

fairy wrasse

melanurus wrasse sm

bluejaw trigger pair md

common stingray

feather duster

golden/red feather duster md/lg

electric/flame scallop

orange tuxedo urchin

bluespot seahare sm

arrow crab md

peppermin shrimp

coral banded shrimp md

cleaner shrimp sm

nassarius snail xlg

rose bubble anemone sm

green star polyps md

fancy goniopora md/lg

coral beauty angel sm

rusty angel sm

black/white heniochus lg

yellowtail damsel

green chromis xlg

yellow canary blenny

black midas blenny md

grammistes blenny

scooter blenny md/lg

ruby red scooter blenny md

panther grouper sm

black volitan lionfish sm

black volitan lionfish md

black volitan lionfish lg

whitespot sharpnose puffer md

orange sharpnose puffer md

niger trigger sm

humu trigger sm

humu trigger md/lg

rectangulatus trigger md

foxface sm

foxface md/lg

brown scopas tang md

sailfin tang md

sailfin tang lg

naso tang md/lg

male w/streamers naso tang lg

blonde naso tang sm

unicorn naso tang lg

cleaner wrasse

yellow coris wrasse sm

dragon wrasse md

lime green wrasse md/lg

banded shark sm

red fromia starfish md

red/black linkia starfish sm

blue linkia starfish md

sand sifting starfish md

bubble anemone md/lg

purple tip sebae anemone md

green long tentacle anemone md

green zoa lg

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