Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

Saltwater SpeciesPrice
Week of 1.18.21
Coral Beauty Angels59.99
Orange Spotted Blenny49.99
African Midas Blennies89.99
Striped Cardinals14.99
Pajama Cardinals24.99
Banner Cardinals39.99
Green Chromis8.99
Fiji Blue Damsels14.99
Ruby Red Dragonettes39.99
Aiptasia Eating Filefish49.99
Yellow Watchman Gobies Lg39.99
Citron Gobies39.99
Red Firefish19.99
Aquacultured Yashia Gobies59.99
Banded S.S. Gobies Lg.49.99
V-Tail Grouper59.99
Freckled Hawk39.99
Arc-Eye Hawk39.99
Lg. Bicolor Foxfaces119.99
Spotted Pufferfish49.99
Juv. Marble Wrasse59.99
Carpenter's Fairy Wrasse59.99
Sebea Anemones59.99
Green Carpet Anemone89.99
Emerald Crabs9.99
Blue Knuckle Hermits19.99
Scarlet Hermits5.99
Sea Hares39.99
Bumblebee Snails2.99
Crown Conchs14.99
Nassarius Snails3.99
Trochus Snails5.99
Turbo Snails4.49
Sm. Cleaner Shrimp39.99
Pistol Shrimp29.99
Blue Linkias49.99
Red Linkias59.99
African Red Tip Starfish59.99
Chocolate Chip Starfish14.99
Harlequin Shrimp59.99
Passer Angel259.99
Peppermint Shrimp9.99
Halfblack Angel39.99
Lemon Peel Angel59.99
Pygmy Angels49.99
Juv. Emperor Angels89.99
Blue Fin Angel Lg.79.99
Yellowtail Blue Damsels8.99
Pink Damsels8.99
Snowflake Eels39.99
Diamond Gobies29.99
Powder Blue Tang119.99
Copperband B'Fly89.99
Longnose B'Fly59.99
Bicolor Blenny29.99
Target Mandarins29.99
Goldhead Sleeper Gobies39.99
Pink Spotted Watchman Gobies39.99
Dogface Puffer59.99
Saddle Puffer39.99
Blue Spotted Puffer59.99
Powder Brown Tangs59.99
Scopas Tangs49.99-59.99
Purple Queen Anthias59.99
Royal Grammas29.99
Green Bubble Anemones49.99
Arrow Crabs29.99
Halloween Hermits19.99
Tiger Pistol Shrimp29.99
Sand Sifting Starfish29.99
Freshwater SpeciesPrice 
Week of 1.19.22
African B'Fly Cichlid$14.99
Lagos Red Killiefish$19.99pr
Blue Phantom Pleco L12849.99
Orange Seam Pleco L106$39.99
Steatocranus Tinanti$14.99
A. Agassizi "Double Red"$24.99
A. Agassizi "Tefe Red Black"$24.99
A. Agassizi " Tefe Blue Pearl"$24.99
A. Borellii " Blue"$19.99
A. Macmasteri "Red Neck"$24.99
A. Macmasteri " Red Neck Gold Form"$29.99
A. Nijsseni " Panda Apisto"$19.99
Keyhole Cichlids$8.99
German Gold Rams$11.99
Black Nasty Cichlids$10.99
Green Guapote Cichlids$14.99
Monte Cristo Cichlids$11.99
Regan's Cichlids$11.99
Texas Cichlids$8.99
Dovii Cichlids$11.99
Salvini Cichlids$10.99
Albino Corys$5.99
Wild Duplicareus Corys$29.99
Loxozonus Corys$8.99
Paleatus Corys$5.99
Opanda Corys$8.99
Reticulated Julii Corys$8.99
Glass Cats$10.99
Reticulated Hillstream Loaches$19.99
Cardinal Tetras Brazil$3.99
Ember Tetras$3.99
Glowlight Tetras$2.99
Gold Tetras$2.99
Lemon Tetras$2.99
Green Neon Tetras$2.99
Black Phantom Tetras$3.99
Red Phantom Tetras$3.99
Serpea Tetras$2.99
Silver Hatchets$5.99
Marble Hatchets$5.99
Black Ruby Barbs$5.99
Hexazona Barbs$5.99
Green Tiger Barbs$3.99
Celestial Pearl Danios$8.99
Emerald Dwarf Rasboras$4.99
Neon Green Rasboras$4.99
Orange Fin Hill Trout$15.99
Chli Rasboras$3.99
Siamese Algea Eaters$6.99
Reticulated Siamese Algea Eaters$6.99
XLG Panda Garras$29.99
Chocolate Gouramis$7.99
Asst. Male Guppies$4.99
Asst. Female Guppies$2.99
Hawaii Variatus Platys$2.99
Madagascar Rainbows$10.99
Millenium Rainbows$24.99
Luminatus Rainbows$11.99
Yellow Rainbows$14.99
Clown Killiefish T.R.$5.99
Amano Shrimp$5.99
Fire Red Shrimp$7.99
Cherry Red Shrimp$5.99
Assasin Snails$2.99
Tire Track Eels$19.99
Peacock Gudgeon Gobies$19.99
Glowlight Danios$4.99
Powder Blue Dwarf Gouramis$8.99
Red Honey Gouramis$7.99
Peacock Bass$14.99
Elephant Noses$39.99
Albino Glo-lite Tetras$2.99
African Dwarf Frogs$5.99
Bristlenose Plecos$5.99
Kuhli Loaches$5.99
Green Aeneus Corys$5.99
Asst. Glo Danios$8.99
Asst. Glo Tetras$10.99
White Skirt Tetras$2.99
Asst. Oscars$15.99
Tiger Barbs$3.99
Black Ghost Knife$29.99
Sm. Bala Sharks$8.99
Tiger Nerites$3.99
Zebra Nerites$3.99
Goldenback Yellow Shrimp$8.99
Blue Velvet Shrimp$8.99
Pea Puffers$8.99
Neon Tetras$2.99
Cichlid Shipment 1.21.22
Ramshorn Snails Lg.$3.99
German Blue Rams$11.99
Ps. Deep Msobo$11.99
Yellow Labs$11.99
Electric Blue Johani$11.99
Red Zebras$11.99
Red Top Cobalt Zebras$11.99
Ps. Hongi$9.99
Ps. Mbamba$9.99
Albino Auratus$11.99
Ps. Socolofi$9.99
Red Exasparatus$9.99
Lg. Bicolor 500 Peacock Males$79.99
Lg. Lemon Jake Peacock Males$69.99
Lg. Lwanda Peacock Males$69.99
Ngara Peacock Males69.99 M/F Pairs 79.99
Lg Taiwan Reef Males$79.99
Syn Multipunctatus$39.99
N. Ornatipinnis$14.99
N. Multifaciatus$14.99
N. Meleagrise$14.99
N. Similis$14.99
Lg L.F. Bushnose Plecos$39.99
Lg. Albino Bushynose Plecos$39.99
Flameback Victorians$11.99
Ruby Green Victorians$11.99
Tomato Victorians$11.99
Asst. Large Mbunas$29.99
Yellow Lelupi$24.99
PLANTS 1.21.22
Cabomba Green$3.99
Hygro. Angustifolia$3.99
Limnophila Hippuroides$3.99
Ludwigia Repens$3.99
Nesaea Golden$3.99
Rotala Indica$3.99
Rotala Magenta$3.99
Amazon Sword Md.$5.99
Amazon Swords Lg.$8.99
Red Flame Swords Sm.$3.99
Subulata Dwarf Bunch$3.99
Java Moss$5.99
Java Fern$5.99
Tiger Lotus Red$7.99
A. Frazeri$8.99
A. Nana Petite$8.99
C. Parva$6.49
C. Bronze W.$6.49
Dwarf Baby Tears$6.49
Cardinal Plant$6.49
Dwarf Hairgrass$6.49
Giant Hairgrass$6.49
Hydrocotyle Japan$6.49
Monte Carlo$6.49
Dwarf Sagittaria$6.49