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Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

Saltwater SpeciesPrice
juv imperator angel$109.99
female lyretail anthias md$29.99
golden head sleeper goby md$29.99
black volitan lion md$79.99
sea hare md$29.99
six line wrasse md$29.99
long tentacle anemone md$49.99
purple tip sebae anemone md$39.99
queen angel md$249.99
coral beauty angel md$39.99
golden pygmy angel md$179.99
juv queen angel md$99.99
royalgramma md$29.99
copperband butterfly md$49.99
psychodelic mandarin md$29.99
diamond sleeper goby md$29.99
signal goby md$29.99
yellow watchman goby md$29.99
v tail red grouper md$39.99
flame angel md$79.99
green bird wrasse md$89.99
red diana hogfish$49.99
banded pipefish md$34.99
dragon pipefish (eat flatworms)$34.99
bumble bee snail$1.99
cerith snail$1.99
nassarius snail$2.99
trochus snail$4.99
blue spotted stingray md$159.99
fire shrimp md$49.99
tiger pistol shrimp sm/md$29.99
blue linkia md$29.99
red linkia sm/md$29.99
sand sifting starfish sm/md$24.99
blonde naso tang md$119.99
pin cushion urchin md$14.99
dragon wrasse md$39.99
lubbock fairy wrasse md$39.99
melanurus wrasse md$39.99
elegance coral lg$179.99
banggai cardinal lg$24.99
pinktail trigger md$79.99
male blue jaw trigger md$89.99
peppermint shrimp md$9.99
cleaner shrimp lg$29.99
red leg hermit sm/md$0.99
green emerald crab md$9.99
cortez sting ray md$99.99
starry blenny md$39.99
male ruby red scooter blenny md$29.99
tomini flame tang sm$59.99
brazilian banana eel$999.99
maculicep tang xlg$199.99
coral beauty angel sm/md$29.99
juv imperaor angel md$99.99
bicolor angel sm/md$39.99
yellow tang$69.99
yellow tang sm$59.99
flame angel md$79.99
snowflake eel sm$19.99
bella goby$89.99
kole tang md$69.99
pintail fairy wrasse$89.99
copperband butterfly md$49.99
green clown goby$14.99
purple firefish$19.99
orange spotted watchman goby$29.99
lawnmower blenny lg$29.99
twin spot goby$29.99
gold head sleeper goby md$29.99
griessingeri goby$69.99
pantherfish sm$24.99
stars and striped puffer$39.99
blue spotted puffer$39.99
chevron tang md$199.99
powder brown tang lg$59.99
sailfin tang sm$29.99
mimic tang$49.99
eight line wrasse$49.99
dispar anthias$29.99
green long tentacle anemone$49.99
horseshoe crab sm/md$14.99
halloween hermit lg$14.99
purple lobster$19.99
green finger leather md$79.99
green star polyps$59.99
ultra colored zoa lg$79.99
green/orange torch md$119.99
Freshwater SpeciesPrice
female half moon king betta md$29.99
male half moon king betta md$29.99
male veiltail betta xlg$4.99
female crowntail betta md$4.99
female veiltail betta md$4.99
farlowella catfish lg$11.99
albino aeneus cory$4.99
cherry shrimp md$4.99
giant danio md$1.99
tire track eel md$19.99
panda moor goldfish md/lg$14.99
pearlscale goldfish sm$7.99
needle nose gar md/lg$19.99
male asst guppy md$3.99
clown knifefish md$19.99
african ropefish md$19.99
blue dotted hill trout md$14.99
bosemani rainbow md$14.99
otocinclus md$2.99
bala shark md$6.99
nerite tiger snail md$2.99
zebra snail md$2.99
elephant nose md$24.99
emperor tetra lg$3.99
lemone tetra md$2.99
neon black tetra md$1.99
phantom black tetra sm/md$3.99
asst oranda md$14.99
clown loach md/lg$24.99
chinese algae eater$3.99
madagascar rainbow$8.99
albino madagascar rainbow$19.99
millenium rainbow$14.99
kamaka rainbow$14.99
celebes rainbow$5.99
longfin zebra danio$1.99
longfin blue danio$1.99
longfin leopard danio$1.99
red eye tetra$1.99
exodon paradoxus$14.99
diamond tetra$3.99
green severum sm$8.99
rainbow cichlid lg$39.99
peacock bass$69.99
asst sailfin molly lg$6.99
asst male guppy$3.99
bleeding heart tetra$4.99
blind cave tetra$2.99
red spotted gold severum$59.99
redeye red swordtail$14.99
albino clawed frog$7.99
lima shovelnose catfish$39.99
striped raphael md$10.99
spotted raphael md$10.99
amano shrimp$3.99
firemouth cichlid$19.99
julii cory cat$6.99
panda cory cat$7.99
rummy nose tetra$3.99
cardinal tetra sm$2.99
blue endlers$3.99
african rope fish$19.99
zig zag eel$19.99
pea puffer$4.99
glass catfish$8.99
golden back yellow shrimp$7.99
sunkist orange shrimp$6.99
red rili shrimp$7.99
blue velvet shrimp$6.99
green jade shrimp$6.99
black crystal shrimp$10.99
red crystal shrimp$10.99
blue bolt shrimp lg$19.99