Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

Saltwater Arrivals Week 5/29/23 
Please call the store to confirm availability of specific fish!
Koran Angel$99.99
Half Black Angel$59.99
Eibli Angel$59.99
Lemon Peel Angel$79.99
Emperor Angel$189.99
Regal Tang$149.99
Unicorn Tang$89.99
Tomini Tang$99.99
Banggai Cardinal$39.99
Blue Damsel$8.99
Green Chromis$8.99
3 Striped Damsel$8.99
Domino Damsel$8.99
Yellow Tailed Blue Damsel$8.99
Springeri Damsel$24.99
Diamond Goby$39.99
Cleaner Wrasse$39.99
Tricolor Fairy Wrasse$69.99
Lubbock Fairy Wrasse$69.99
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse$109.99
Velvet Wrasse$219.99
Sailfin Fairy Wrasse$69.99
Yellow Flanked Fairy Wrasse$119.99
Flame Hawk$89.99
Copperband Butterfly$99.99
Longnose Butterfly$79.99
Bi-Color Blenny$29.99
Yellow Clown Goby$19.99
Green Mandarin$39.99
Target Mandarin$39.99
Yellow Watchman Goby$29.99
Lawnmower Blenny$29.99
Twinspot Goby$29.99
Banded Goby$39.99
Rainford Goby$29.99
Tailspot Blenny$29.99
Goldhead Goby$49.99
Starry Blenny$49.99
Spiny Puffer$69.99
Yellow Belly Dogface Puffer$149.99
Achilles Tang$599.99
Sailfin Tang$89.99
Md. Desjardini Tang$179.99
Lg. Desjardini Tang$249.99
Bristletooth Tang$109.99
Sm. Huma Trigger$59.99
Lg. Huma Trigger$99.99
Niger Trigger$69.99
Carpenters Fairy Wrasse$69.99
Sixline Wrasse$39.99
Yellow Coris Wrasse$39.99
Red Coris Wrasse$99.99
Green Coris Wrasse$39.99
Possum Wrasse$79.99
Male Rhomboid Wrasse$399.99
Moorish Idol$119.99
Aptaisa Filefish$59.99
Masked Rabbitfish$89.99
Green Bubbletip Anemone$69.99
Sandsifting Starfish$29.99
Cleaner Shrimp$59.99
Tuxedo Urchin$39.99
Sea Hare$39.99
Arrow Crab$24.99
XL Hermit Crab$14.99
Scarlet Reef Hermit$8.99
Horseshoe Crab$29.99
Blue Reef Chromis$49.99
Cuban Hog Fish$199.99
Spanish Hog Fish$119.99
Pearly Jawfish$49.99
Princess Parrotfish$199.99
Porcupine Puffer$149.99
Sharpnose Puffer$49.99
Peppermint Shrimp$11.99
Brittle Starfish$14.99
Serpent Starfish$14.99
Assorted Urchin$29.99
Ocean Surgeonfish$59.99
Sargassum Trigger$299.99
Md. Volitan Lionfish$99.99
Lg. Volitan Lionfish$149.99
Lettuce Nudibranch$19.99
Red Tree Sponge$39.99
Florida Fighting Conch$29.99
Emerald Crab$9.99
Blue Leg Hermit$0.99
Condylactis Anemone$29.99
Red Flower Anemone$89.99
Atlantic Pygmy Angel$79.99
Queen Angel$189.99-$299.99
Rock Beauty Angel$119.99
Chalk Bass$39.99
Royal Gramma$39.99
Molly Miller Blenny$29.99
Foureye Butterfly$59.99
Freshwater Arrivals Week Of 5/22/23 
Please call the store to confirm availability of specific fish!
Gold Tetra$3.99
Cardinal Tetra$4.99
Green Neon Tetra$3.99
Bleeding Heart Tetra$8.99
Red Phantom Tetra$3.99
Red Spotted Splash Tetra$5.99
Three Stripe Pencilfish$5.99
Abalios Earth Eater$14.99
Colombian Snowball Pleco$69.99
Goldie Pleco$149.99
Stardust Gold Nugget Pleco$59.99
Xingu Gold Nugget Pleco$69.99
Chubby Pleco$59.99
Royal Pleco$59.99
Green Phantom Pleco$59.99
Blue Phantom Pleco$89.99
Gold Spotted Pseudancistrus$79.99
Tiger Pleco$79.99
Peppermint Pleco$79.99
Leopard Pleco L114$89.99
Spotted Tiger Pleco$89.99
Royal Farlowella$39.99
King Tiger Pleco$109.99
Pygmy Cory$7.99
Calophysus Macropterus$59.99
Agasizi Cory$8.99
Black Ghost Knife$29.99
Sparkling Gourami$5.99
Watermelon Distichodus$59.99
Marbled Bichir (Palmas Polli)$69.99
Palmas Palmas Bichir$79.99
Lapradei Ughelli Bichir$89.99
Congo Puffer$119.99
Phraqctolemus Ansorgii$19.99
Congo Tetra$14.99
Giraffe Catfish$39.99
Dwarf Gourami$12.99
Red Honey Gourami$9.99
Silver Arrowana$69.99
Tiger Barb$4.99
Kulii Loach$3.99
Gold Dojo Loach$14.99
Albino Cory$5.99
Green Cory$5.99
Julii Cory$8.99
Paleatus Cory$5.99
Sterbai Cory$9.99
Common Pleco$5.99-$14.99
Peacock Bass$24.99
Assorted Oscar$19.99
Celestial Pearl Danio$12.99
Brackish Snowflake Eel$39.99
Tiretrack Eel$29.99
Zig Zag Eel$29.99
Assorted Oranda$14.99
Assorted Ryukin$14.99
Assorted Platy$3.99
Assorted Molly$5.99
Redtail Blue Hifin Variatus$5.99
Pea Puffer$9.99
Figure 8 Puffer$19.99
Leopard Puffer$19.99
Boesmani Rainbow$19.99
Madagascar Rainbow$14.99
Neon Rainbow$14.99
Turquiose Rainbow$14.99
Chili Rasbora$5.99
Redtail Shark$5.99
Albino Glolite Tetra$3.99
Black Neon Tetra$3.99
Buenos Aires Tetra$3.99
Candy Cane Tetra$5.99
Glolite Tetra$3.99
Head & Tail Lite Tetra$3.99
Cherry Shrimp$5.99
Yellow Shrimp$9.99
Blue Velvet Shrimp$8.99
Red Rili Shrimp$8.99
Blue Rili Shrimp$8.99
Bloody Mary Shrimp$11.99
Assassin Snail$3.99
Horned Nerite$3.99
Assorted Mystery Snail$3.99
Tiger Nerite$3.99
Zebra Nerite$3.99