2910 E Trinity Mills Rd Carrollton Texas 75006


Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

Saltwater SpeciesPrice
Firefish Red19.99
Firefish Purple$29.99
Volitan Lionfish$89.99
Tuxedo Urchins$29.99
Coral Banded Shrimp$24.99
Chocolate Chip Starfish$14.99
Moorish Idol$79.99
Naso Tangs$59.99
Green Mandarins$39.90
Long Tentacle Anemones$59.99
Green Bubble Anemones$49.99
Carpenter's Flasher Wrasses$39.99
Yellow Goatfish$59.99
Coral Beauty Angels39.99-49.99
Lubbocki Wrasses$39.99
Peppermint Shrimp$9.99
Engineer Gobys$14.99
Domino Damsels$11.99
Snowflake Morays39.99-59.99
Yellow Coris Wrasses39.99-49.99
Kole Tangs$89.99
P.J. Cardinals$19.99
Banner Cardinals$29.99
African Midas Blennys$79.99
Blonde Naso Tangs99.99-109.99
Olive Snails$4.99
Exqusite Wrasse$59.99
Nassarius Snails$2.99
Red Banded Trochus Snails$4.49
Melanarus Wrasses$59.99
Desjardini Tang$119.99
Bella Rose Goby$89.99
Copperband B'fly$59.99
Racoon B'fly59.99
Blue Damsels$11.99
Bicolor Blennys$29.99
Pistol Shrimp$29.99
Harlequin Shrimp$59.99
XLG Cleaner Shrimp$59.99
Fire Shrimp$59.99
Red Linkia$44.99
Red Tile Starfish$44.99
Orange Linkia$44.99
Acan Frags$39.99
Duncan Frags$29.99
Lg. Tomini Tangs$89.99
Stars & Stripes Puffer89.99-109.99
Purple Tang$269.99
Lg. Clown Triggers249.99-299.99
Ornate Leopard Wrasses$49.99
Regal Tangs$89.99
Longnose B'fly$49.99
Pearlscale B'fly$59.99
Orange spot Watchman Goby$29.99
Yellow Watchman Goby$29.99
Twin Spot Goby$29.99
Diamond Gobys$29.99
Tailspot Blenny$29.99
Dogface Puffer$79.99
Saddle Puffer$39.99
Clown Tang Lg.$89.99
Convict Tang$59.99
Pinktail Trigger$89.99
Sailfins Tangs$39.99
Sixline Wrasses$29.99
Timor Wrasse$49.99
Dispar Anthias$29.99
Electric Blue Hermits$14.99
Sandsifting Starfish$24.99
Banded Serpeant Starfish$14.99
O.R.A. Premium Snowflakes39.99SALE!
O.R.A. Gold Lightning$79.99
O.R.A. Premium Picasso$69.99
O.R.A. Large True Percs$39.99
O.R.A. Gladiators$39.99
O.R.A. Premium Gladiators$89.99
O.R.A. Mocha Gladiators$89.99
O.R.A. Wyoming Whites$49.99
O.R.A. Black Ice$59.99
O.R.A. Black Saddlebacks$24.99
O.R.A. Yellow Delux Clarki$39.99
O.R.A. Sharknose Goby$24.99
O.R.A. Pink Smith Damsels$11.99
O.R.A. Pulsing Xenia$39.99
O.R.A. Red Gonipora$149.99
S.A. Onyx C-quest$119.99
S.A. Large Ocellaris$29.99
S.A. Small Ocellaris$14.99
S.A. Black Phantoms$59.99
S.A. Mocha Storms$89.99
Coral Beauty Angels$39.99
Half Black Angel$49.99
Lemon Peel Angels$59.99
M.A.C. Female Lyretails$59.99
Lawnmower Blennys$29.99
Springeri Damsels$19.99
Green Chromis$8.99
Bicolor Dottyback$19.99
Green Clown Gobys$14.99
Yellow Clown Gobys$14.99
Twin Spot Gobys$29.99
Flame Hawks$69.99
Tomini Tangs$59.99
Blonde Naso Tangs$219.99
Sailfins Tangs$39.99
Niger Trigger$39.99
Sixline Wrasses$29.99
Leopard Wrasses$49.99
Halloween Hermits$14.99
Red Tip Hermit Crabs$1.99
Sea Hares$29.99
Lg Harlequin Shrimp$79.99
Freshwater SpeciesPrice
Black Ghost Knifes$24.99
Gold Barbs$2.99
Green Spot Puffers10.99
Panda Corys7.99
Siamese Algea Eaters5.99
Bala Sharks8.99
Serpea Tetras1.99
Celebes Rainbows8.99
Glo-lite TetrS1.99
Cherry Barbs2.99
Red Phantom Tetras3.99
Albino Socolofi7.99
Gertrudae Rainbows7.99
Gold Dojo Loaches14.99
Signifer Rainbows8.99
Furcata Rainbows8.99
Honey Fire Gouramis6.99
Florida Flagfish3.99
Fahaka Puffer24.99
L177 Gold Nugget Pleco69.99
Tricolor Swords3.99
Amano Shrimp4.99
Tricolor Lobsters29.99
Platinum Blue Angelfish24.99
Black Neon Tetras1.99
T.R. Black Ghost Knifes19.99
Apisto " Double Red"24.99
Apisto " Fire Red"29.99
Apisto Borelli Blue19.99
Apisto " Orange Flash24.99
Apisto " Super Red "29.99
Apisto " Red Neck Gold"29.99
Black Stripe Pikes19.99
Bolivian Rams11.99
Gold Rams11.99
German Blue Rams11.99
Electric Blue Rams19.99
T. R. Adolfi Corys19.99
Hastatus Corys8.99
Laser Orange Corys24.99
T.R. Julii Corys7.99
Bumble Bee Otocinclus19.99
Glass Cats8.99
Reticulated Hillstream Loaches19.99
Sumo Loaches8.99
Striata Loaches8.99
Black Phantom Tetras3.99
Bleeding Heart Tetras4.99
Emperor Tetras3.99
T.R. Cardinal Tetras4.99
Diamond Head Neon Tetras3.99
Lemon Tetras2.99
Rummynose Tetras Peru4.99
Pristella Tatras1.99
Silvertip Tetras1.99
Hy511 Tetras4.99
Celestial Pearl Danios7.99
Emerald Dwarf Rasboras3.99
Zebra Danios0.99
Chili Rasboras3.99
Harlequin Rasboras2.99
Phoenix Rasboras3.99
Moonlight Gouramis6.99
Asst Endler Guppies4.99
Asst Male/Female Guppies4.99/2.99
Three Spot Halfbeaks11.99
Calico Lyretail Mollys3.99
Boesemani Rainbows14.99
Kamaka Rainbows14.99
Neon Dwarf Rainbows6.99
Turquoise Rainbows11.99
Red Onion Nerites4.99
Orange Rabbit Snails7.99
Zebra Thorn Snails4.99
Tire Track Eels19.99
Pea Puffers7.99
South American Puffers24.99
Tiger Barbs3.99
Albino Tiger Barbs3.99
Green Tiger Barbs3.99
Red Sailfin Corys6.99
Scarlet Badis4.99
Red Dragon Flowerhorns14.99
Asst. Glo Tetras10.99
Asst. Glo Danios7.99
Bumble Bee Gobys4.99
Red Cap Orandas8.99
Chocolate Pom Pom10.99
Asst. Ranchu11.99
Blue Gouramis5.99
Gold Gouramis5.99
Opaline Gouramis5.99
Sparkling Gouramis3.99
Japanese Blue Swordtail Guppies4.99
Red Coral Male Guppies4.99
Yo Yo Loaches5.99
Lyretail Creamcicle Mollys3.99
Marble Lyretail Mollys3.99
Silver Lyretail Mollys3.99
Sm. Plecos3.99
Md Plecos5.99
Blue Tetras3.99
Diamond Tetras2.99
Ember Tetras3.99
Black Crystal Shrimp11.99
Black Sakura Shrimp7.99
Blue Velvet Shrimp7.99
Goldback Yellow Shrimp7.99
Red Crystal Shrimp11.99
Red Rili Shrimp6.99
Sunkist Orange Shrimp6.99
Japanese Trapdoor Snails3.99
Horned Nerites4.99
Tiger Nerites2.99
Zebra Nerites2.99
PLANTS 12.4.2020
Cabomba Green3.99
Hygro. Angustifolia3.99
Limnophila Hippuroides3.99
Lloydiella Golden3.99
Myrio Red3.99
Rotala Indica3.99
Rotala Wallichi3.99
Amazon Lg8.99
Amazon Md5.99
Red Flame Md5.99
Rosette Md5.99
Jungle Val2.99
Subulate Bunch3.99
Christmas Moss5.99
Java Moss5.99
Banana Plant3.99
Java Fern5.99
A. Barteri8.99
A. Frazeri8.99
A. Coffeefolia8.99
A. Hostifolia8.99
A. Nana8.99
A. Nana Petite8.99
C. Lutea6.49
C. Bronze6.49
C. Green6.49
Baby Tears6.49
Monte Carlo6.49
Dwarf Hairgrass6.49
Giant Hairgrass6.49
Dwarf Sagittaria6.49
CICHLIDS !!!!!!!
Super Red Ancistrus19.99
L.F. Albino Bristlenose11.99
Albino Auratus14.99
Gold Labs Lg29.99
Ps. Deep11.99
Likoma Elongatus11.99
Bucco. Nototenia19.99
Flavescent Peacocks59.99
Lemon Jakes59.99
Lwanda Peacocks59.99
Red Dragon Peacocks59.99 Males/29.99 Females
Albino Strawberry59.99 Males/29.99 Females
Sunshine Peacocks49.99
Malawi Trout24.99
Troph. Chimba24.99
Troph. Dubosi29.99
Taiwan Reef59.99
Fire Haps59.99
Yellow Blaze Lithobates59.99
Fireline Compressiceps29.99
Gold Compressiceps29.99
Black Calvus29.99
Gold Ocellatus24.99
Kipli Regani24.99
Red Fin Caudopunctatus24.99
Flameback Victorians11.99
Red Fin Obliques11.99
Ruby Green Victorians11.99