2910 E Trinity Mills Rd Carrollton Texas 75006


Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

Saltwater SpeciesPrice
Potters Angel$139.99
Scopas Tang$59.99
Tomini Tang$99.99
Arrow Crab Lg.$24.99
Sexy Shrimp$19.99
Md. Naso Tang$59.99
Lg. Naso Tang$159.99
Moorish Idol$89.99
Yellow Tangs$99.99
Red Margin Fairy Wrasse$89.99
Sea Hares$39.99
Astrea Snails$3.99
Lg. Royal Grammas$39.99
Md. Royal Grammas$29.99
Sixline Wrases$29.99
Xlg Cleaner Shrimp$49.99
Xlg Fire Shrimp$69.99
Dogface Puffers$89.99
Mappa Puffer Sri Lanka$249.99
Red Scooter Blennies$29.99
Diamond Gobies$39.99
Tiger Wardi Gobies$49.99
Ladder Glider Gobies$49.99
Yellow Watchman Gobies$29.99
Green Mandarins$39.99
Greenbird Wrasse$109.99
Spiny Boxfish$59.99
Red Banded Trochus Snails$4.49
Trochus Snails$4.49
Blande Naso Tang$119.99
Flame Angels$119.99
Saltwater Monos$49.99
Convict Tang$69.99
Clown Tang$69.99
Yellow Coris Wrasse$39.99
Gold Head Sleeper Gobies$49.99
Saltwater Red Scats$29.99
Bicolor Blennies$29.99
Bella Rose Gobies$89.99
Niger Trigger$49.99
Pink Tail Trigger$89.99
Pair Blue Throat Triggers$179.99
Male Blue Throat Trigger$89.99
Aptasia Eating Filefish$39.99
Kole Tang$99.99
Miniatus Grouper$119.99
Porcupine Puffer$59.99
Green Chromis$8.99
Freshwater SpeciesPrice
Female Bettas$4.99
Dumbo Super Delta Bettas$19.99
Halfmoon Bettas8.99
Crowntail Dragonscale8.99
Crowntail Bettas7.99
Twintail Halfmoon8.99
Black Orchid14.99
Koi Betta Male29.99
Hellboy Betta Plakat49.99
Super Gold Plakat49.99
Red Star Tail Plakat44.99
Yellow Dragon Plakat49.99
Blue Gourami5.99
Gold Honey Gourami6.99
Cobalt Blue Gourami8.99
Flame Dwarf Gourami8.99
Opaline Gourami5.99
Pearl Gouramis5.99
Pink Kissing Gourami5.99
Red Hoey Gourami6.99
Checkerboard Barbs3.99
Gold Neon Rosy Barbs5.99
Redtail Tinfoil Barbs5.99
Veiltail Cherry Barbs2.99
Delhezi Bichir Tank Raised24.99
Striata Loaches9.99
Yo-Yo- Loaches5.99
Hillstream Loaches14.99
Albino Corys5.99
Emerald Green Corys5.99
Green Aeneus Corys5.99
Paleatus Corys5.99
Schwartzi Corys7.99
Julii Corys6.99
Polka Dot Pictus Cats10.99
Whiptail Catfish9.99
Farlowella Catfish9.99
Bristlenose Plecos5.99
Albino Longfin Bristlenose Plecos11.99
Zebra Pleco L46249.99
Albino Bristlenose Plecos6.99
Synodontis Angelicus59.99
Upside Down Catfish7.99
Flowerhorn Cichlids11.99
Polleni Cichlids14.99
Purple King Kong Parrots24.99-34.99
Electric Blue Rams14.99
German Blue Rams14.99-19.99
Gold Severums6.99
Green Severums5.99
Peacock Bass14.99
Texas Cichlids5.99
Red Tiger Motoguense19.99
Parrot Convicts11.99
Albino Tiger Oscar14.99
Red Oscar14.99
Tiger Oscar10.99-14.99
Celestial Pearl Danios7.99
Glolite Danios3.99
Longfin Zebra Danios1.99
Zebra Danios0.99
Asst. Glo- Tetras10.99
Asst. Glo- Danios7.99
Peacock Gudgeon Gobies10.99
Blue Neon Stiphodon Gobies14.99
Asst. Lionhead14.99
Blue Orandas14.99
Calico Bubble Eyes11.99
Asst. Ryukins14.99
American Flagfish3.99
Brown Ghost Knifes14.99
Asst. Platys2.99
Asst. Swords3.99
Asst. Guppies4.99
Asst. Lyretail Mollies4.99
Leopard Puffers19.99
Celebes Rainbows8.99
Dwarf Kanaka Rainbows14.99
Furcata Rainbows8.99
Goyder River Rainbows12.99
Madagascar Rainbows8.99
Threadfin Rainbows8.99
Turquoise Rainbows14.99
Albino Orange Rainbows24.99
Phoenix Rasboras3.99
Emerald Eye Rasboras1.99
Purple Harlequin Rasboras4.99
Flying Foxes6.99
Bala Sharks8.99
Albino Glo-light Tetras1.99
Gold Pristella Tetras1.99
Black Neon Tetras1.99
Black Skirt Tetras1.99
Bleeding Heart Tetras4.99
Emperor Tetras3.99
Glo light Tetras1.99
Red Phantom Tetras3.99
Von Rio Flame Tetras2.99
White Skirt Tetras1.99
Green Neon Tetras1.99
Silver Hatchets5.99
Albino Silvertip Tetras2.99
African Dwarf Frogs3.99
Cherry Red Shrimp5.99
Amano Shrimp4.99
Emerald Green Shrimp7.99
Blue Velvet Shrimp6.99
Red Rili Shrimp5.99
Blue Rili Shrimp6.99
Yellow Fire Shrimp6.99
Assasin Snails2.99
Blue Mystery Snails2.99
Ivory Mystery Snails2.99
Tiger Nerite Snails2.99
Zebra Nerite Snails2.99
Red Racer Nerites4.99
Albino Neon Tetras5.99
Red Crystal Shrimp10.99
Electric Blue Acara XLG59.99
Longfin Serpea Breeders4.99
Red & Blue Columbian Tetras2.99
Panda Garras8.99
Algea Eaters3.99
Ramshorn Snails2.99
Gold Mystery Snails2.99
Buccochromis Notatenia Males79.99/ M&F Pair 99.99
Albino Auratus14.99
Gold Labs Med.14.99
Gold Labs Large29.99
Red Top Trewavasea14.99
Red OB Zebra11.99
Regal Peacock Males59.99
Flavescent Peacock Males59.99
Lwanda Peacock Males59.99
Albino Eureka Males59.99/ M&F Pair 79.99
Albino Sunshines Males59.99/ M&F Pair 79.99
Ruby Red Peacock Males59.99/ M&F Pair 79.99
Ngara Peacock Males59.99/ M&F Pair 79.99
Neo. Multifaciatus14.99
Albino Strawberry Males59.99/ M&F Pair 79.99
Sunshine Peacock Males59.99
Hap Borleyi Males59.99
Electric Blue Ahlis Males59.99/ M&F Pair 79.99
Albino Electric Ahlis Males59.99/ M&F Pair 79.99
Quadromaculatus Males59.99
Red Top Aristos Males59.99/ M&F Pair 79.99
Taiwan Reef Males59.99/ M&F Pair 79.99
Fire Haps Males59.99/ M&F Pair 79.99
Gold Compressiceps19.99
Red Fin Compressiceps19.99
Black Calvus19.99
Congo Erotmodus24.99
K. Regani24.99
Gombi Transcriptus24.99
Neo Brevis14.99
7 Stripe Frontosa29.99
6 Stripe Frontosa24.99
Yellow Fin Caudopunctatus24.99
Troph. Dubosi29.99
Troph. Molero Red29.99
Troph. Red Saddle29.99
Long Fin Albino Bristlenose11.99
Super Red Ancistrus29.99
Flameback Victorians11.99
Champsochromis "Trout"24.99
Msobo Deep14.99
Australian Gobys14.99
Cabomba Green3.99
Hygro. Angustifolia3.99
Ludwigia Repens3.99
Ludwigia Palustris3.99
Nesaea Golden3.99
Rotala Wallichi3.99
Rotala Magenta3.99
Md. Amazon5.99
Lg. Amazon8.99
St. Elmos Fire5.99
Golden Melon5.99
Subulata Bunch3.99
Cyperus Helferi3.99
Java Fern5.99
Moss Balls5.99
Water Sprite3.99
Christmas Moss5.99
Java Moss5.99
A. Barteri8.99
A. Frazeri8.99
A. Hastifolia8.99
A. Nana8.99
Giant Hairgrass6.49
Hydrocotyle Japan6.49