2910 E Trinity Mills Rd Carrollton Texas 75006


Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

coral beauty angel sm/md$29.99
pygmy angel$24.99
yellow canary blenny$29.99
lawnmower blenny md$24.99
bangai cardinal$29.99
blue reef chromis$29.99
domino damsel$7.99
green chromis$7.99
striped damsel$7.99
snowflake moray md$39.99
aiptasia eating filefish sm/md$39.99
diamond sleeper goby md$29.99
engineer goby sm/md$11.99
green mandarin goby sm/md$24.99
green war paint clown goby$14.99
purple firefish sm/md$24.99
yellow clown goby$14.99
geometric pygmy hawk$29.99
dragon pipefish$39.99
dogface puffer sm/md$49.99
porcupine puffer sm/md$49.99
clown tang sm/md$39.99
sailfin tang md$39.99
yellow eye tang sm/md$59.99
male bluejaw trigger md$79.99
niger trigger$179.99
female divided leopard wrasse sm$49.99
male scott's wrasse lg$239.99
maxi mini carpet anemone
emerald crab$9.99
red leg hermit$1.99
sally lightfoot crab$11.99
scarlett hermit$3.99
green ricordia mushroom$24.99
red pistol shrimp$29.99
nassarius snail$2.99
tiger sand conch$11.99
juv imperator angel lg$129.99
golden head sleeper goby lg$39.99
kleins butterfly md$39.99
green chromis jumbo$29.99
sea hare$29.99
cleaner shrimp sm$24.99
harlequin shrimp md
six line wrasse md$29.99
juv koran angel md$79.99
copperband butterfly md$49.99
blue damsel sm$7.99
white ghost ribbon eel ld$69.99
aurora goby xlg$39.99
yellow watchman goby md$29.99
dwarf lionfish md$39.99
fuzzy dwarf lionfish md$39.99
bali foxface sm$39.99
black half mimic tang md$39.99
naso tang sm$39.99
niger trigger md$49.99
long tentacle anemone md$49.99
arrow crab md$19.99
red leg hermit sm/md
trochus snail md
platinum angel md$14.99
female half moon king betta md$29.99
male crowntail betta md$5.99
male delta tail betta md$5.99
black ranchu goldfish md$19.99
neon dwarf rainbow md$5.99
nerite tiger snail md$2.99
zebra snail md$2.99
male asst. fuppy md$3.99
female asst guppy lg$2.99
clown loach sm$8.99
clown loach md$14.99
asst glofish tetra$10.99
powder blue gourami$8.99
panda garra$11.99
siamese algae eater sm/md$5.99
peppermint shrimp$9.99
electric blue ram$19.99
cherry red shrimp$4.99
red rili shrimp$7.99
pea puffer$4.99
red eye lyretail swordtail$14.99
glass catfish$8.99
orthochromis stormsii$14.99
orange bushfish$7.99
marbled bichir$59.99
fat head bichir$59.99
polka dot synodontis$49.99
bull's eye synodontis$29.99
rummy nose tetra$3.99
cardinal tetra$2.99
green neon tetra$1.99
marble hatchetfish$4.99
ruby red tetra$2.99
wild ram cichlid$11.99
iriri gold seam pleco L177$59.99
royal pleco L190$39.99
hi fin green phantom pleco L200a$49.99
blue phantom pleco L128$49.99
colombian snowball pleco L201$39.99
leopard frog pleco L134$119.99
spotted queen arabesque pleco L262$79.99
royal farlowella$39.99
pygmy cory$2.99
dwarf habrosus cory$2.99
hastatus cory$4.99
duplicareus cory$19.99
skunk cory$7.99
davidsandi cory$8.99
black arowana$219.99
marbled synodontis$29.99