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Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

Saltwater SpeciesPrice
bicolor angel md$39.99
coral beauty angel md/lg$39.99
flame angel md/lg$79.99
female orange anthias md/lg$29.99
lawnmower blenny sm/md$19.99
ruby red scooter blenny md$29.99
klein's butterfly sm/md$39.99
bangai cardinal lg$24.99
diamond sleeper goby md/lg$29.99
engineer goby md$14.99
green mandarin goby md/lg$29.99
orange banded prawn goby$29.99
rainfordi goby$19.99
twinspot goby$29.99
yasa hashe goby$59.99
yellow mandarin goby md$29.99
yellow rose goby$29.99
yellow watchman goby$29.99
blue tang md$89.99
tomini tang sm$59.99
male bluejaw trigger md$89.99
leopard wrasse md$49.99
male pintail fairy wrasse lg$89.99
male purple scale fairy wrasse$59.99
sixline wrasse md$29.99
male tricolor fairy wrasse$29.99
yellow coris wrasse$29.99
emerald crab$9.99
pom pom crab$14.99
Freshwater SpeciesPrice
male betta lg$3.99
male black orchid crowntail betta lg$14.99
male crowntail betta lg$5.99
male crowntail dragonscale betta lg$8.99
male dragonscale betta lg$7.99
male dumbo super delta betta lg$19.99
male platinum white crowntail betta lg$24.99
male samurai plakat betta lg$39.99
male blue bleck panther betta lg$59.99
blue gourami$5.99
gold gourami$5.99
male cobalt blue dwarf gourami$8.99
male flame dwarf gourami$8.99
pearl leeri gourami$5.99
pink kissing gourami$5.99
red honey gourami$6.99
cherry barb$3.99
roseline shark$14.99
golden tinfoil barb$5.99
male black ruby barb lg$8.99
redtail tinfoil barb$5.99
tiger barb lg$3.99
albino senegalus polypterus$14.99
senegalus polypterus$11.99
clown loach$11.99
dojo loach$5.99
gold dojo loach$8.99
sumo loach$8.99
yo yo botia$6.99
panda loach$19.99
hillstream loach$11.99
agassizi cory$7.99
albino aeneus cory$4.99
habrosus pygmy cory$2.99
julii cory md$7.99
paleatus cory$5.99
panda cory$7.99
pygmy cory$2.99
sterbai cory$10.99
tiger shovelnose catfish$15.99
clown pleco L103$8.99
colombian spotted pleco L165 md$9.99
upside down catfish$8.99
lamprologus occelatus$24.99
purple parrot$14.99
red & white parrot$14.99
snow white parrot$11.99
puple king kong parrot md$24.99
balloon blue ram$6.99
jack dempsey md$8.99
electric blue ram$19.99
geophagus jurupari$29.99
gold severum$7.99
green severum$5.99
green terror$8.99
keyhole cichlid$8.99
electric blue acara$19.99
uaru cichlid$24.99
albino tiger oscar$6.99
red oscar md/sm$14.99
asst longfin danio$1.99
giant danio$1.99
zebra danio$0.99
peacock eel$19.99
asst glofish danio$7.99
glofish tetra$10.99
bumblebee goby$3.99
marble goby md$14.99
asst fantail goldfish md/sm$5.99
calico shubunkin goldfish$5.99
calico shubunkin goldfish lg$11.99
sarassa comet md$10.99
asst oranda md/lg$29.99
calico oranda$10.99
panda butterfly telescope goldfish$19.99
asst lionhead goldfish md/lg$29.99
american flagfish killie$3.99
black ghost knife$19.99
gold twinbar platy md$2.99
painted platy$2.99
red wag platy md$2.99
sunburst crescent platy$2.99
sunburst wag platy md$2.99
white crescent platy md$2.99
tricolor crescent platy md$3.99
galaxy mosaic guppy czech md pair$29.99
black lyretail molly md$3.99
black molly$1.99
creamsicle lyretail molly md$4.99
dalmatian lyretail molly md$4.99
gold dust lyretail molly md$4.99
asst balloon molly$3.99
silver lyretail molly md$4.99
asst color swordtail$2.99
asst highfin variatus$3.99
dwarf freshwater bb puffer$4.99
figure eight puffer lg$14.99
leopard puffer lg$14.99
signifer rainbow md$8.99
yellow rainbow md$11.99
gertudae aru II rainbow md$8.99
chili rasbora$4.99
rasbora het$2.99
borneo sucker
siamese flying fox$5.99
albino rainbow shark$5.99
bala shark$6.99
bala shark md/lg$14.99
iridescent shark$5.99
rainbow shark$5.99
rainbow shark md$7.99
redtail shark$5.99
black skirt tetra$1.99
bleeding heart tetra$4.99
bloodfin tetra$1.99
buenos aires tetra$1.99
diamond tetra$3.99
gold tetra$2.99
gold tetra$2.99
longfin serpae tetra$3.99
pristella maxillaris tetra$1.99
red & blue colombian tetra$1.99
red eye tetra$1.99
serpae tetra$1.99
silvertip tetra$1.99
von rio flame tetra$2.99
white cloud$1.99
marble hatchet$5.99
silver hatchet md$5.99
african dwarf frog$3.99
cherry red shrimp$5.99
amano shrimp$3.99
orange bee shrimp$6.99
thai micro spider crab$4.99
blue velvet shrimp$7.99
dwar orange mexican lobster$10.99
blue rili shrimp$7.99
yellow fire shrimp$6.99
bloody mary shrimp$6.99
assassin snail$2.99
asst mystery snail$2.99
tiger nerite snail$2.99
zebra nerite snail$2.99
red racer nerite snail$8.99