2910 E Trinity Mills Rd Carrollton Texas 75006


Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

Saltwater SpeciesPrice
Queen Angel Juv. Med.$119.99
Atlantic Pygmy Angels$39.99
Royal Grammas$29.99
Blue Reef Chromis$19.99
Yellow Eye Kole Tang Sm.$69.99
Yellow Tang$89.99
Pearly Jawfish$39.99
Royal Urchins$29.99
Green Chromis$8.99
Green Mandarins$39.99
Valentini Puffers$49.99
Naso Tang Sm.$59.99
Blue Throat Trigger Male$89.99
Porcupine Puffer Sm.$59.99
Foxface Sm.$49.99
Harlequin Shrimp$59.99
Sext Shrimp$19.99
Long Tentacle Anemone$59.99
Juv. Emperor Angel$99.99
Bicolor Blenny$29.99
Lg. Bicolor Blenny$39.99
Lawnmower Blenny$19.99
Green Chromis Sm$8.99
Green Chromis Md.$14.99
Yellow Watchman Goby$29.99
Twin Spot Goby$29.99
Diamond Sleeper Gobies$39.99
Fiji Foxface Sm.$89.99
Powder Blue Tang Lg.$139.99
Clown Tang Smd$89.99
Clown Tang Md$119.99
Cleaner Shrimp$39.99
Tiger Pistol Shrimp$29.99
Bicolor Angels$49.99
Keyhole Angel$39.99
Klein's B'fly$39.99
Klein's B'fly Lg.$59.99
Racoon B'fly$59.99
Banner Cardinals$29.99
Pajama Cardinals$14.99
Alleni Damsels$19.99
Orangespot Prawn Goby$29.99
Antenna Goby$29.99
Geometric Pygmy Hawk$29.99
Blue Spot Jawfish$209.99
Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish$79.99
Striped Dogface Puffer$59.99
Sm. Chocolate Mimic Tangs$29.99
Mata Tang Sm.$69.99
Sailfin Tangs$59.99
Scopas Tang$59.99
Dragon Wrasse$59.99
Lime Green Wrasse$119.99
Long Tentacle Anemones$49.99
Sebea Anemones$59.99
Emerald Crabs$9.99
Pom Pom Crabs$19.99
Sea Hares$39.99
Nassarius Snails$29.99
Tiger Sand Conchs$11.99
Sand Sifting Starfish$29.99
Black Storms$119.99
Mocha Storms$119.99
Orange Storms$129.99
Snow Storms$89.99
Wyoming White$49.99
DaVinci A Grade$59.99
Black Ice$59.99
Premium Snowflake$59.99
Nearly Naked$44.99
Midnight Lightning$59.99
Sm. Ocellaris$19.99
Nano Ocellaris$11.99
Black Perculas$29.99
Misbar Black Perculas$24.99
Orchid Dottybacks$29.99
Neon Dottybacks$29.99
Indigo Dottybacks$29.99
Longfin Domino Pair$189.99
Flurry Clownfish$59.99
Lightning Maroons$59.99
Freshwater SpeciesPrice
Female Bettas$4.99
Mustard Gas Bettas$14.99
Crowntail Dragonscale Bettas$7.99
Crowntail Bettas$7.99
Halfmoon Bettas$8.99
Black Orchid Crowtail Bettas$14.99
Asst. Premium Longfin Bettas$12.99
Gold Honey Gouramis$6.99
Cobalt Blue Gouramis$8.99
Powder Blue Gouramis$8.99
Red Honey Gouramis$6.99
Sparkling Gouramis$3.99
Cherry Barbs$2.99
Gold Barbs$2.99
Green Tiger Barbs$4.99
Tiger Barbs$3.99
Hillstream B'Fly Loaches$14.99
Black Khuli Loaches$5.99
Reticulated Hillstream Loach$14.99
Striata/Zebra Loach$8.99
Albino Corydoras$5.99
Julii Corydoras$5.99
Paleatus Corydoras$5.99
Emerald Green Corydoras$5.99
Four Line Pictus Catfish$10.99
Polka Dot Pictus Catfish$10.99
Bristlenose Plecos$5.99
Royal Plecos L191$49.99
Glass Catfish$8.99
Panda Garras$14.99
Spotted Shovelnose Catfish$69.99
Koi Angels Sm.$5.99
High Color Red Koi Angels Sm.$24.99
Cobalt Blue Angels$14.99
Snow White Discus$89.99
Purple King Kong Parrotfish$29.99
Bolivian Rams$10.99
Keyhole Cichlids$5.99
Peacock Bass Temensis Sm.$19.99
Electric Blue Acara$19.99
Florida Flagfish$4.99
Longfin Danios$1.99
Zebra Danios$0.99
Celestial Pearl Danios$7.99
Badis Badis$5.99
Chili Rasboras$3.99
Blue Neon Stiphodon Goby$10.99
Peacock Gudgeon Goby$10.99
Siamensis Algea Eaters Sm.$4.99
Bala Sharks$8.99
Asst. Lionhead Goldfish$8.99
Asst. Ryukins$11.99
Pearlscale Goldfish$11.99
Red & White Orandas$11.99
Black Ghost Knife$19.99
Clown Knifes$14.99
Sm. Delhezi Bichirs$29.99
Asst Platys$2.99
Asst. Plumetail Platys$2.99
Red Tiger Platys$3.99
Black Lyretail Mollies$4.99
Dalmation Lyretail Mollies$4.99
Marble Lyretail Mollies$4.99
Silver Lyretail Mollies$4.99
Red Sunset Sailfin Mollies$6.99
Asst. Swordtails$3.99
Sanke Tricolor Swordtails$6.99
Celebese Rainbows$6.99
Dwarf Kamaka Rainbows$10.99
Furcata Rainbows$7.99
Madagascar Rainbows$8.99
Albino Orange Millenium Rainbows$19.99
Bosemani Rainbows$14.99
Dwarf Preacox Rainbows$6.99
Threadfin Rainbows$7.99
Siamese Algea Eaters Reg.$5.99
Black Neon Tetras$1.99
Black Skirt Tetras$1.99
Glolite Tetras$1.99
Pristella Tetras$1.99
Serpea Tetras$1.99
Silvertip Tetras$1.99
Albino Silvertip Tetras$1.99
Red Female Endlers$5.99
Sky Blue Male Endlers$5.99
Neon Blue Tuxedo$4.99
Blue Cobra$4.99
Red Cobra$4.99
Red Delta$4.99
Purple Haze$4.99
Yellow Tuxedo$4.99
Dwarf African Frog$4.99
Bloody Mary Shrimp$6.99
Blue Velvet Shrimp$7.99
Yellow Shrimp$6.99
Amano Shrimp$4.99
Golden Back Yellow Shrimp$7.99
Blue Bolt Shrimp$14.99
Japanese Trapdoor Snails$3.99
Rummynose Tetras$3.99
Cobalt Blue Angels$14.99
Xl Rhombo Barbs$6.99
Valiant Chocolate Gouramis$9.99
Sm. Clown Loaches$8.99
Md. Clown Loaches$11.99
Rubecens Peacocks$59.99
Mandarina Peacocks$59.99
Ngara Peacocks$49.99
Flavecens Peacocks$49.99
Lwanda Peacocks$59.99
Sunshine Peacocks$49.99
Blue Neon Peacocks$49.99
Sulferhead Lithobates$59.99
Mloto Copadichromis$59.99
Red Empress$59.99
Borleyi Redfin$49.99
Red Empress Calico$69.99
Tangerine Tigers$49.99
Red Zebras$14.99
Ob Zebras$14.99
Exasperatus Mbunas$11.99
Cobalt Blue Mbunas$14.99
Red Top Tewavasae$19.99
Yellow Labs$19.99
Kenei Mbunas$14.99
Aurora Mbunas$14.99
Likoma Elongatus$14.99
Neo. Garcilis$14.99
Hap. Nyarei$19.99