Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

Saltwater SpeciesPrice
WEEK of 04/12/2021
Springeri Damsels$19.99
Blue Damsels8.99
Cleaner Shrimp$34.99
Harlequin Shrimp$59.99
Emperor Angel Adult$299.99
Lg. Juvenile Emperor Angels$159.99
Banana Eel$1,099.99
Diamond Gobys$24.99
Yellow Belly Regal Tangs Sm.$69.99
Yellow Belly Regal Tangs Lg.$139.99
Clown Triggerfish$139.99
Foxfaces Md/Lg$89.99
Lg Chocolate Tang$99.99
Target Mandarin$39.99
Aptasia Eating Filefish$39.99
Lg. Sixline Wrasses$39.99
Red Firefish Gobys$19.99
Lg. Queen Angelfish$269.99
Scopas Tangs$59.99
Red Wellsophyllias$299.99
Green Wellsophyllias$299.99
Combo Corals179.99-249.99
Blue Berry Gorgonians$119.99
Orange Plates$119.99
L.T. Anemones59.99-79.99
Bubble Anemones$59.99
Clown Trigger$219.99
Flameback Angel$79.99
Lyretail Anthias Female$44.99
Lyretail Anthias Male$59.99
Volitan Lionfish$69.99
Purple Firefish$34.99
Bleeny Tailspot$29.99
Pink & Blue Watchman$39.99
Klein's B'Fly$49.99
Bicolor Angel$49.99
Coral Beauty Angel$49.99
Copperband B'Fly$59.99
3 Stripe Damsels$8.99
Blue Damsels$8.99
Pink Damsels$8.99
Domino Damsels$8.99
Snowflake Eels$39.99
Orangespot Shrimp Gobys$29.99
Banded Prawn Gobys$29.99
Yellow Watchman Gobys$29.99
Bumble Bee Snails$1.99
Blue Eye Kole Tang$59.99
Niger Trigger$39.99
Cuban Hogfish159.99-219.99
Lg. Fiji Foxfaces$119.99
Half Black Angel$49.99
Chalk Bass$29.99
Lawnmower Blennys$29.99
Moorish Idol$59.99
Green Chromis$8.99
Gold Head Sleeper Gobys$39.99
Yellow Coris Wrasses$39.99
Emerald Crabs$9.99
Peppermint Shrimp$9.99
Sea Hares$39.99
Sebea Anemones$49.99
Red Stripe Eibli Angel$59.99
Yellow Angel$49.99
Lg. Lemon Peel Angel$69.99
Lg. Coral Beauty Angel$59.99
Orange Spotted Blennys$49.99
Midas Blennys$69.99
Klein's B'Fly$49.99
Longspine Cardinals$29.99
Striped Cardinals$19.99
Azure Damsels$14.99
Alleni Damsels$11.99
Yellow Back Goatfish$39.99
Red Head Gobys$29.99
Citron Gobys$39.99
Tiger Wardi Goby$49.99
Aquacultured Yashia Gobys$79.99
Neon Blue Cleaner Gobys$29.99
Falco Hawk$49.99
Freckled Face Hawk$59.99
Powder Brown Tangs$59.99
Sohal Tang$199.99
Desjardini Sailfin Tang$119.99
Marble Wrasse$49.99
Emerald Crabs$9.99
Blue Knuckle Hermits$14.99
Halloween Hermits$14.99
Scarlet Red Leg Hermits$5.99
Nassarius Snails$2.99
Margarita Snails$3.99
Peppermint Shrimp$9.99
Sand Sifting Starfish$24.99
Flame Angels$119.99
Canary Blennys$29.99
Lawnmower Blennys$29.99
Starry Blennys$39.99
Falcula B'Fly$59.99
Pajama Cardinals$19.99
Tomato Clownfish$29.99
Onyx Perula Pair$159.99
Diamond Gobys$29.99
Tesslata Eels$139.99
Red Firefish Gobys$19.99
Helfrich's Firefish$149.99
Twinspot Gobys$29.99
Orangespotted Rabbitfish$79.99
Bigeye Soldierfish$59.99
Vlamingi Tangs Sm$59.99
Melanarus Wrasses$59.99
Naoko's Fairy Wrasse$119.99
Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse$79.99
Condylactis Anemones$24.99
Blue Leg Hermits$0.99
Trochus Snails$4.49
Chocolate Chipe Starfish$14.99
Feather Dusters$24.99
Freshwater SpeciesPrice
Week of 4/12/2021
Sm. Plecos3.99
Md. Plecos5.99
Rubberlip Plecos9.99
Red Oscars14.99
Tiger Oscars14.99
Clown Killiefish7.99
Bala Sharks8.99
Fire Red Shrimp7.99
Goldenback Yellow Shrimp7.99
Cherry Red Shrimp5.99
Red Rili Shrimp6.99
Black Crystal Shrimp11.99
Red Crystal Shrimp11.99
Amano Shrimp4.99
Blue Bolt Shrimp14.99
Bamboo Shrimp11.99
Cardinal Tetras4.99
Chli Rasboras4.99
Julii Corys7.99
Electric Blue Rams19.99
Pink Kissing Gouramis8.99
African Ropefish24.99
Red Velvet Swordtails4.99
Mustard Gas Bettas14.99
Asst. Lyretail Swords7.99
Asst. Swords4.99
Turkana Jewel Cichlids14.99
Rosy Longfin Barbs6.99
Punctatus Corys5.99
Paradise Gouramis8.99
E.B. Jack Dempseys29.99
A. Agassizi "Fire Red"29.99
A. Agassizi "Double Red"24.99
A. Macmasteri"Red Neck"24.99
A. Cacatuoides " Orange Flash"24.99
Chocolate Cichlids10.99
Keyhole Cichlids10.99
Bolivian Rams11.99
German Blue Rams11.99
Jaguar Cichlids8.99
Cory Adolfi Tank Raised14.99
Albino Corys5.99
Panda Corys7.99
Pygmy Pygmeus Corys3.99
Sterbai Corys10.99
Albino Bushynose Plecos6.99
Royal Farlowellas49.99
Glass Cats8.99
B'Fly Hillstream Loaches19.99
Reticulated Hillstream Loaches19.99
Yo-Yo Loaches7.99
Black Neon Tetras1.99
Emperor Tetras3.99
Ember Tetras2.99
Green Neon Tetras1.99
Hy511 White Fin Tetras4.99
Cherry Barbs2.99
Gold Barbs2.99
Rhombo/Snakeskin Barbs6.99
Chli Rasboras4.99
Harlequin Rasboras3.99
Neon Blue Rasboras4.99
Reticulated S.A.E.6.99
Chocolate Gouramis8.99
Powder Blue Gouramis8.99
Royal Blue Gouramis8.99
Sunset Honey Gouramis6.99
Pearl Gouramis6.99
Blue Neon Guppys4.99
Green Lace Guppys4.99
Flamingo Guppys4.99
Leopard Tail Guppys4.99
Neon Red Dragon Guppys4.99
Boesemani Ranbows14.99
Celebes Rainbows10.99
Kamaka Rainbows14.99
Threadfin Rainbows8.99
Lagos Red Killiefish Pairs24.99
Gardner's Killiefish Pairs24.99
Amano Shrimp4.99
Clouded Archerfish39.99
Blue Neon Gobys14.99
Peacock Gudgeon Gobys12.99
Pea Puffers8.99
Rummnose Tetras4.99
Cardinal Tetras3.99
Female Bettas5.99
Male Bettas4.99
Black Orchid Bettas14.99
Crowntail Dragonscale8.99
Twintail Halfmoons12.99
Dumbo Super Deltas24.99
Albino Tiger Barbs3.99
Roseline Sharks14.99
Golden Tinfoil Barbs7.99
Green Tiger Barbs4.99
Redtail Tinfoil Barbs7.99
San Juan Corys7.99
Farlowella Catfish9.99
Clown Plecos9.99
Sm Demasoni12.99
Troph. Dubosi29.99
Troph. Moori Yellow Band29.99
Black Widow Frontosa59.99
Purple Parrotfish29.99
Turquoise Jewels5.99
Purple King Kong Parrots39.99
Geophagus Jurupari14.99
Red Hump Geo. Steindachneri19.99
Zebra Danios0.99
Gold Ring Tinwini Danios5.99
Bumblee Gobys5.99
Chocolate Pom Pom Goldfish14.99
Asst. Ryukins11.99
Asst. Platys2.99
Gold Dust Lyrteail Mollys4.99
Asst. Lyretail Mollys4.99
Asst. Sailfin Mollys6.99
Gold Algea Eaters4.99
Panda Garra19.99
Rainbow Sharks6.99
Redtail Sharks6.99
Black Skirt Tetras1.99
Diamond Tetras3.99
Bloodfin Tetras1.99
Columbian Tetras2.99
Red Eye Teteras1.99
White Clouds1.99
Silver Dollars7.99
African Dwarf Frogs5.99
Assasin Snails2.99
Tiger Nerites3.99
Zebra Nerites3.99
Red Racer Nerites7.99