2910 E Trinity Mills Rd Carrollton Texas 75006


Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

bicolor angel sm/md$39.99
coral beauty angel md$39.99
flame angel sm/md$79.99
flame angel md$89.99
female swallowtail angel md$89.99
female lamarck angel sm/md$49.99
rusty angel md$39.99
colored angler sm/md$129.99
male dispar anthias$29.99
evansi anthias$49.99
female purple queen anthias sm/md$29.99
sunburst anthias md$89.99
royalgramma sm/md$29.99
male bicolor blenny$29.99
yellow canary blenny$29.99
flametail blenny$29.99
lawnmower blenny md$24.99
midas blenny sm/md$59.99
ruby red scooter blenny md$29.99
starry blenny md$29.99
banggai cardinal md$29.99
bicolor chromis$11.99
blue reef chromis sm$19.99
domino damsel$6.99
green chromis sm$6.99
green chromis md/lg$19.99
springeri damsel$11.99
aiptasia eating filefish sm/md$29.99
golden head goby lg$39.99
railway sleeper goby sm/md$39.99
rainfordi goby$24.99
red mandarin goby md/lg$59.99
signal goby$29.99
white sleeper goby sm/md$24.99
yellow clown goby$11.99
yellow target mandarin md$29.99
yellow rose anemone$29.99
yellow watchman goby sm/md$29.99
arc eye hawk sm/md$29.99
flame hawk$59.99
geometric pygmy hawk$59.99
longnose hawk sm$49.99
dwarf lionfish md/lg$59.99
bluestripe pipefish$39.99
purple pseudochromis$19.99
dogface md$59.99
porcupine puffer md$49.99
striped dogface puffer sm$39.99
blonde naso tang sm$59.99
blonde naso tang lg$179.99
blue tang sm/md$89.99
clown tang md$69.99
tomini tang md$79.99
naso tang lg$159.99
powder blue tang md/lg$99.99
powder brown tang md/lg$59.99
sailfin tang sm$29.99
humu trigger sm/md$39.99
niger trigger sm$24.99
pinktail trigger lg$109.99
rectangulus trigger md$49.99
blue sided fairy wrasse md$49.99
female divided leopard wrasse sm/md$69.99
exquisite fairy wrasse md$69.99
juv formosa wrasse sm$29.99
lunare wrasse md/lg$79.99
male orange back fairy wrasse$79.99
male sailfin fairy wrasse sm/mdlg$89.99
six line wrasse md$29.99
male tricolor fairy wrasse$29.99
acid wash bubble anemone sm/md$59.99
colored bubble anemone sm/md$39.99
red/orange flower anemone$59.99
maxi-mini carpet anemone
emerald crab$9.99
neon orange reef hermit sm$5.99
red leg reef hermit$1.99
peppermint shrimp$9.99
candy stripe pistol shrimp$24.99
tiger pistol shrimp$29.99
coral banded shrimp md$29.99
astrea snail$3.99
nassarius snail lg$2.99
tropical turbo snail$3.99
red starfish md/lg$59.99
red fromia starfish sm/md$29.99
superman tile starfish$59.99
white sane starfish$29.99
long spine urchin md$29.99
colored feather duster$29.99
female bellus angel sm/md$149.99
yellow longnose butterfly md$49.99
neon velvet damsel$12.99
melanurus wrasse md$39.99
female betta$3.99
female crowntail betta$5.99
male betta lg$3.99
male black orchid crowntail betta lg$14.99
male crowntail dragonscale betta lg$9.99
male dumbo super delta betta lg$19.99
male crowntail betta lg$5.99
male platinum white crowntail betta lg$14.99
male samurai plakat betta lg$29.99
female samurai plakat betta lg$29.99
male halfmoon twintail betta lg$39.99
albino paradise gourami$5.99
blue paradise gourami$5.99
gold honey gourami$6.99
pearl leeri gourami$5.99
pink kissing gourami$5.99
sunset thicklip gourami$6.99
red honey gourami$6.99
albino cherry barb$2.99
gold barb$2.99
golden tinfoil barb$5.99
green tiger barb$3.99
redtail tinfoil barb sm/md$5.99
albino dinosaur senegalus polypterus$14.99
dinosaur senegalus polypterus$14.99
clown loach sm/md$8.99
clown loach md$14.99
gold dojo loach$8.99
yo yo loach$8.99
golden zebra loach$6.99
agassizi cory md$6.99
julii cory md$6.99
sterbai cory t/r$10.99
polka dot pictus catfish$10.99
albino gibbiceps pleco L165 md$39.99
zebra pleco L46$249.99
emperor pleco L204 md$59.99
curviceps cichlid$8.99
gold severum$8.99
green severum$5.99
red texas cichlid$19.99
salvini md/sm$5.99
electric blue acara$19.99
blue frost ram$14.99
longin danio$1.99
zebra danio$0.99
asst glofish danio$7.99
asst glofish tetra$10.99
dragon fish goby$11.99
asst fantail goldfish md$7.99
black moor goldfish md$8.99
calico shubunkin goldfish$14.99
sarassa comet lg$14.99
asst butterfly telescope goldfish$14.99
asst. oranda goldfish lg$59.99
panda butterfly telescope goldfish md/sm$29.99
red & white oranda$14.99
red & white ryukin$14.99
red cap oranda$8.99
asst bubble eye goldfish$8.99
asst ryukin lg$59.99
black ghostknife$14.99
firetail tuxedo platy md$2.99
highfin candy crescent platy md$3.99
sunburst wag platy md$2.99
pineapple candy crescent platy md$2.99
salt & pepper platy md$2.99
dumbo ear guppy md$7.99
black lyretail molly md$3.99
gold dust lyretail molly md$4.99
red sunset sailfin molly md$6.99
silver lyretail molly$4.99
asst sailfin molly md$6.99
gold panda molly$3.99
asst lyretail swordtail eu$3.99
redtail blue highfin cariatus$3.99
painted variatus$2.99
sunset highfin variatus$3.99
redtail hemiodus$14.99
black rasbora het$5.99
emerald eye rasbora$1.99
rasbora het$2.99
robocop otocinclus lg$59.99
bala shark$5.99
golden shark$5.99
rainbow shark md$5.99
rainbow shark lg$8.99
redtail shark md$5.99
black phantom tetra$3.99
black skirt tetra$1.99
gold tetra$2.99
longfin serpae tetra$2.99
silvertip tetra$1.99
cherry red shrimp$5.99
amano shrimp$4.99
yellow fire shrimp$7.99
assassin snail$2.99
tiger nerite snail$2.99
zebra nerite snail$2.99
red racer nerite snail$7.99