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Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

Saltwater SpeciesPrice
juv imperator angel md$99.99
midas blenny md$79.99
powder blue tang md$89.99
leopard wrasse md$59.99
coral beauty angel$49.99
female japanese swallow angel md$59.99
bangaii cardinal md$24.99
azure damsel$6.99
yellowtail damsel sm$6.99
green mandarin lg$29.99
black ray shrimp goby md$29.99
orange spot shrimp goby md$29.99
signal goby md$29.99
valaentini puffer md$29.99
fuzzy dwarf lionfish md$39.99
t/r seahorse lg$99.99
yellow coris wrasse md$29.99
ritteri anemone md$99.99
arrow crab md$19.99
blonde naso tang md$129.99
chocolate tang md$89.99
tomini flame tang md$79.99
sailfin tang md$59.99
desjardini tang md$59.99
yellow watchman goby md$24.99
bali foxface md$49.99
niger trigger md$29.99
male blue jaw trigger md$69.99
tiger pistol shrimp sm/md$19.99
astrea snail sm$3.99
trochus snail md$3.99
turbo snail md$4.99
peppermiint shrimp md$9.99
sgreen emerald crab md$9.99
blue ribbon eel md
female half moon king betta md$24.99
Freshwater SpeciesPrice
green line pencilfish$2.99
ruby green victorian$11.99
double red apistogramma$24.99
fire red apistogramma$29.99
opai apistogramma$19.99
orange flash apistogramma$19.99
super red apistogramma$19.99
red hump geophagus$10.99
bolivian ram$11.99
german blue ram$11.99
german gold ram$11.99
red terror$10.99
pantano cichlid$10.99
sieve cichlid$10.99
bronze cory$5.99
albino cory$4.99
adolfoi cory$11.99
skunk cory$7.99
paleatus cory$5.99
panda cory$7.99
sterbai cory$10.99
glass catfish$8.99
featherfin synodontis$10.99
synodontis nigriventris$8.99
borneo sucker$8.99
dwarf chain loach$14.99
black skirt tetra$1.99
cardinal tetra$3.99
green neon tetra$1.99
phoenix tetra$4.99
rummy nose tetra$3.99
silver tip tetra$1.99
black spot hatchetfish$8.99
marble hatchetfish$4.99
red panda barb$5.99
tiger barb$3.99
green tiger barb$3.99
celestial pearl danio$7.99
burmese goldring danio$4.99
orange fin hill trout$14.99
chili rasbora$3.99
harlequin rasbora$2.99
pygmy spotted rasbora$1.99
siamese algae eater$5.99
panda garra$14.99
white cloud$1.99
female half moon double tail betta$8.99
male dwarf gourami$8.99
male powder blue dwarf gourami$8.99
sunset honey gourami$6.99
scarlet badis$4.99
male blue neon guppy$4.99
male blue steel guppy$4.99
male green lace guppy$4.99
red snakeskin guppy$4.99
el tigre endlers$4.99
asst platy$2.99
asst swordtail$3.99
fork tail blue eye rainbow$7.99
irian red rainbow$11.99
neon dwarf rainbow$7.99
red neon rainbow$10.99
bicolor snail$5.99
clouded freshwater archer$29.99
paradox fish$6.99
arrowhead puffer$79.99
fahaka puffer$24.99
red wolf fish$44.99