Dallas North Aquarium has the largest selection of marine and freshwater life in the DFW area.

We specialize in saltwater fish, coral, cichlids, and live plants. Looking for that hard to find fish or coral?

E-mail us below or give us a call at (972) 492-6165 and we will try to get it for you. If we don’t respond to your e-mail within 24 hours please call the store directly.

Weekly Arrivals

Saltwater SpeciesPrice
Week of 5.17.22
Coral Beauty Angels59.99
Half Black Angel49.99
Annularis Adult Angel269.99
Bicolor Angels59.99
Lemon Peel Angel69.99
Ochre Striped Cardinals29.99
Green Chromis8.99
Talbot's Damsels14.99
Green Mandarins29.99
Yellow Watchman Gobys Sm.19.99
Red Firefish19.99
Banded Sleeper Gobys39.99
Powder Brown Tangs89.99
Whitetail Yellow Eye Bristletooth Tang239.99
Sm. Regal Tangs89.99
Scopas Tang59.99
Clown Trigger229.99
Dragon Wrasse89.99
Sixline Wrasses39.99
Coral Banded Shrimp24.99
Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse59.99
Fighting Conchs14.99
Gold Head Sleeper Gobys39.99
Long Tentacle Anemones59.99
Sandsifting Starfish29.99
3 Striped Damsel8.99
Domino Damsels8.99
Dogface Puffer69.99
Flame Hawks79.99
Lawnmower Blennys24.99
Pajama Cardinals24.99
Nassarius Snails3.99
Painted Sweetlips59.99
Lg. Blue Eye Kole Tangs109.99
Juv. Blue Eye Kole Tangs49.99
Midnight Angel49.99
Juv. Emperor Angel119.99
Lg. Orange Fin Tomini Tangs119.99
Yellow Belly Damsels14.99
Domino Damsels8.99
Snowflake Eel59.99
Sm. Diamond Gobies24.99
Marine Betta149.99
Powder Blue Tangs119.99
Longnose B'Fly59.99
Racoon B'Fly49.99
Green Clown Gobies14.99
Hector Gobies24.99
Gold Head Sleeper Gobys39.99
Ruby Red Dragonettes39.99
Spiny Puffer59.99
Blue Spotted Fiji Puffer59.99
Bluethroat Triggers Males89.99
Lg. Green Bird Wrasses119.99-129.99
Sixline Wrasses29.99
Md. Foxfaces99.99
Lg. Foxfaces119.99
Xlg Fiji Foxface129.99
Purple Psuedo's19.99
Green Bulb Anemones49.99
Anemone Crabs19.99
Arrow Crabs24.99
Coral Banded Shrimp24.99
Sally Lightfoot Crabs14.99
Tiger Pistol Shrimp29.99
Red Coco Worms49.99
Emerald Crabs9.99
Astrea Snails3.99
Black Angel119.99
Pygmy Angels59.99
Queen Angel249.99
Rock Beauty Angels79.99
Royal Grammas29.99
Molly Miller Blennyus14.99
Spineyhead Blennys24.99
Four Eye B'fly39.99
Reef B'Fly39.99
Spotfin B'Fly39.99
Arrow Crabs29.99
Blue Reef Chromis Lg.39.99
High Hat29.99
Asst. Gorgonians24.99
Spanish Hogfish69.99-119.99
Pearly Jawfish39.99
Porcupine Puffer89.99
Peppermint Shrimp9.99
Brittle Starfish7.99
Serpent Starfish7.99
Pencil Urchin14.99
Pincushion Urchin14.99
Juv. Atlantic Blue Tang59.99
Blue Head Wrasse29.99
Paddlefin Wrasse89.99
Volitan Lionfish79.99
Red Tree Sponges29.99
Freshwater SpeciesPrice 
Week of 5.17.22
Yo-Yo Loaches Md.$10.99
Bristlenose Plecos7.99
Rubberlip Plecos9.99
Reticulated Hillstream Loaches$19.99
Asst. Glo-Danios$9.99
Asst. Glo-Tetras$11.99
T.R. Rummynose Tetras$4.99
Black Mystery Snails$3.99
Gold Mystery Snails$3.99
Fire Red Shrimp$7.99
Sunkist Orange Shrimp$7.99
Red Crystal Shrimp$14.99
Amano Shrimp$5.99
Bamboo Shrimp$14.99
Female Betta$6.99
Female Crowntail Betta$7.99
Female Halfmoon Betta$8.99
Blue Gouramis$5.99
Opaline Gouramis$5.99
Pearl Gouramis$8.99
Pink Kissing Gouramis$5.99
Cobalt Blue Dwarf Gouramis$9.99
Powder Blue Dwarf Gouramis$9.99
Flame Dwarf Gouramis$9.99
Red Honey Gouramis$9.99
Albino Cherry Barbs$2.99
Cherry Barbs$2.99
Albino Tiger Barbs$3.99
Green Tiger Barbs$3.99
Tiger Barbs$3.99
Gold Barbs$2.99
Dojo Loaches$7.99
Gold Dojo Loaches$11.99
Yo-Yo- Loaches Md.$10.99
Glass Cats$10.99
Albino Corys$5.99
Emrald Green Corys$8.99
Green Aeneus Corys$5.99
Sterbai Corys$11.99
Fourline Pictus Cats$11.99
Spotted Rapheal Cats$9.99
Striped Rapheal Cats$14.99
Farlowella Cats$10.99
Sm. Plecos$3.99
Md. Plecos$5.99
Clown Plecos$10.99
Green Phantom Plecos L200$59.99
Purple King Kong Parrots$59.99
German Blue Rams$14.99
German Gold Rams$14.99
Pearl Danios$2.99
Zebra Danios$0.99
Tiretrack Eels$29.99
Yellowtail Spiney Eels$19.99
Peacock Gudgeon Gobys$19.99
Bumblebee Gobys$3.99
Blue Orandas$14.99
Red Cap Orandas$9.99
Clown Knifes$14.99
Black Ghost Knifes$29.99
Asst. Plumetail Platys$3.99
Asst. Platys$2.99
Asst. Hifin Variatus$4.99
Asst. Guppies$4.99
Asst. Lyretail Mollys$5.99
Asst. Swordtails$4.99
Scarlet Badis$5.99
Beckford's Pencilfish$3.99
Pinktail Chalceus$24.99
Pea Puffers$8.99
Figure 8 Puffers$24.99
Leopard Puffers$19.99
Chili Rasboras$4.99
Rasbora Hets$3.99
Albino Rainbow Sharks$5.99
Bala Sharks$8.99
Rainbow Sharks$5.99
Lg. Redtail Sharks$11.99
Black Neon Tetras$2.99
Black Phantom Tetras$3.99
Black Skirt Tetras$2.99
Bleeding Heart Tetras$5.99
Bloodfin Tetras$2.99
Buenos Aires Tetras$2.99
Red Eye Tetras$2.99
Serpea Tetras$2.99
Silvertip Tetras$2.99
Albino Silvertip Tetras$2.99
African Dwarf Frogs$6.99
Cherry Red Shrimp$5.99
Gold Claw Crabs$3.99
Amano Shrimp$5.99
Blue Velvet Shrimp$8.99
Yellow Fire Shrimp$8.99
Bloody Mary Shrimp$8.99
Green Jade Shrimp$6.99
Assasin Snails$2.99
Blue Mystery Snails$3.99
Ivory Mystery Snails$3.99
Tiger Nerites$3.99
Zebra Nerites$3.99
Neon Tetras$2.99
2" Clown Loaches$10.99
Peruvian Angels$19.99
Sm. Panda Garras$10.99
Electric Blue Jack Dempseys$19.99
3-4" Fire Eels$14.99
Lg. Congo Tetras$12.99
Black Rams$24.99
Turquoise Rainbows$14.99
Yellow Rainbows$14.99
Dwarf Neon Rainbows$9.99
Kamaka Dwarf Rainbows$10.99
Orange Millenium Rainbows$19.99
Millenium Rainbows$14.99
Celebese Rainbows$10.99
Red Spot Severums$19.99
Md. Asst Angels$14.99
Sm. Select Koi Angels$9.99
Lg Bushynose Plecos$29.99
Ramshorn Snails$2.99
Synodontis Angelicus$79.99
Ps. Small Mix$8.99
N. Similis$14.99
Cyp. Zonatus$24.99
Red Zebras$11.99
Red Top Zebras$11.99
Marmalade Fuellerborni$11.99
Albino Auratus$11.99
Red Exasperatus$9.99
Lwanda Male Peacocks$79.99
German Red Male Peacocks$79.99
Male Electric Blue Ahlis$79.99
Male Red Top Aristochromis$79.99
N. Ornatipinnis$14.99
Red Fin Compressiceps$19.99
Kipli Regani$19.99
Red Fin Cuadopunctatus$19.99
N. Brevis$14.99
N. Multifasciatus$14.99
n. Melagriese$14.99
PLANTS 5.20.22
Creeping Charlie$3.99
Limnophila Hippuroides$3.99
Lloydiella Golden$3.99
Ludwigia Repens$3.99
Ludwigia Arcuata$3.99
Mexican Oak Leak$3.99
Nesaea Golden$3.99
Rotala Indica$3.99
Rotala Magenta$3.99
Rotala Nanjenshan$3.99
Sm. Amzon Swords$3.99
Md. Ozelot Swords$5.99
Contortion Val$2.99
Christmas Moss$5.99
Java Moss$5.99
Java Fern$5.99
A. Frazeri$8.99
A. Nana$8.99
A. Nana Petite$8.99
C. Lutea$6.49
C. Parva$6.49
C. Undulata$6.49
Giant Hairgrass$6.49
Hydrocotyle Japan$6.49
Monte Carlo$6.49